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Review @ Game Over Online

Overall, Gothic has its ups and downs, but its mostly fun to play. It takes 50-100 hours to go through the game once, and I could see playing a second or third time since the quests change slightly depending on the camp you choose to join. And while the interface is bad, and there are more than a few crash bugs, theyre not things that kill the experience, and so Gothic is a nice enough game to play while youre waiting for Dungeon Siege to arrive.

78 %

If you've plowed through my wordiness above, that's clearly a rhetorical question. Yes, indeed, Gothic is fun and recommended—as a Gold Star, Creme de la Creme, must-have, essential purchase.

Gold star

With a steep difficulty curve and obfuscated control scheme, Gothic will appeal only to the hardcore gamer who doesn't mind toughing their way through the first few hours of a game to get to the more interesting parts. …
Gothic is a fascinating world to explore.


Overall, Gothic is a solid role-playing experience. Gothic has decent graphics and a well-developed storyline. It also has a great amount of replayability, as each time through the game could yield different experiences with different choices. The awkward interface does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. This game would please any role-playing fans looking for a great story to involve them for some time.
Presentation: 6.0
Graphics: 9.0
Sound: 8.0
Gameplay: 9.0
Lasting Appeal: 7.0


Gothic is a game which developers should look to as an example of how a role-playing adventure should be done. Floating on the surface of a deep storyline is a superb faade of light-hearted humour and adventuring, which is sure to attract less hardcore genre fans. The only real gripe is with the primitive interface, and had this received more attention it would have been a marked improvement on an already tremendous title.

Review @ ActionTrip.com

Gothic is an excellent, even though a bit odd and unusual FRP game. I wouldn't feel comfortable with defining it as a member of any particular sub-genre either. I might compare it to The Summoner or Baldur's Gate, but I found it far more interesting for longer playing.


Piranha Bytes' Gothic is an unconventional game that takes place in an unconventional setting: a magically sealed prison in a stark, grim fantasy realm. Even though the developer calls it a role-playing game, Gothic is a hybrid game that features RPG, adventure, and action elements.
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Value 8
Tilt 7


The world is in upheaval, and the source of the worlds power has been taken over by the very souls sent there to keep it safe. It is virtually a prison compound, and you have been condemned to live there. But the king, in his kindness, makes you an offer. Deliver a message to those in charge and you can reap the rewards.


Highs: Massive game; good and complete voice acting; absorbing role-playing experience.
Lows: Poorly thought-out controls; clipping issues; poor fighting system.
The Verdict: This is a very good RPG. With a little more polish, it could have gone into the record books as one of the greats. If I had to sum this game up, I'd say this was Baldur's Gate in 3D.


The final word:
If you're an RPG fan that is looking for a game with more substance --quests, detailed NPC interaction, and a solid plot -- then you should check out Gothic. The third-person perspective may turn some players off, and the control scheme is a bit of a pain. Still, there's enough here to make this one worthwhile.
Design: 85
Technical: 80


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