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On this page you will find a selection of the most important console commands for Gothic I.

Console Commands

Command Result
insert [name] Insert the given item oder NPC.
kill Kill the selected NPC or monster..
edit abilities Open a window that allow you to edit the abilities (strength, mana etc) of your character
cheat full Full health and mana
cheat god Godmode
set time [hh] [mm] Set the time (e.g. set time 09 12).
goto waypoint [waypoint] Teleport the hero to the given waypoint. See this list.
hero export [filename] Exports the values of the hero to the given file [file] in the /Saves/ folder.
hero import [filename] Imports the values of the hero.

Insert-Codes (NPCs/monsters)

Insert command Name
babe, babe2-7
Stone golem
icegolem Ice golem
firegolem Fire golem
sleeper The sleeper
harpie Harpie
scavenger Scavenger
snapper Snapper
demon Demon
shadowbeast Shadowbeast
minecrawlerqueen The queen of the minecrawlers
waran Lizard
youngtroll Young troll
bridgegolem Bridge golem (a stone golem)
firewaran Fire lizard
bloodfly Bloodfly
bloodhound Bloodhound
razor Razor
lurker Lurker
dammlurker Damlurker
yscavenger Young scavenger
ymolerat Yount molerat
hurtswampshark Wounded swampshark
minecrawler Minecrawler
minecrawlerwarrior Minecrawler Warrior
shaman_rockefeller Shaman Rockefeller
udshaman_rockefeller Undead Shaman Rockefeller
freemineorc Orc Sklave in the free mine
wolf Wolf
skeleton Skeleton
skeletonwarrior Skeleton Warrior
skeletonscout Skeleton Scout
skeletonmage Skeleton Mage
orcdog Orc Dog
orcbiter Orc Biter
xardasdemon Demon in the basement of Xardas' tower
bathbabe Another babe.
testmodell In Extremo fire-eater
babe_rockefeller An universal babe. ;)

Insert-Codes (miscellaneous)

Name Item
all an almighty warrior
elementare_arcanei Elemental arcanei (Book value:100 ore)
astronomie Astronomy (Book wert:100)
mordragsring Mordrag's ring
neks_amulett Amulet of the late guard Nek
healthwater Healing potion for Yberion (cannot not be used in the game)
orcmedicine Orc medicine
kampfkunst Martial Arts (Book value:100 ore)
cronos_brief Letter to the firemages
dungeonkey Key to the dungeon of the old camp.
Bannklinge One of the swords of the undead orc shamans
Daemonenstreich One of the swords of the undead orc shamans
Zeilenklinge One of the swords of the undead orc shamans
Weltenspalter One of the swords of the undead orc shamans
Lichtbringer One of the swords of the undead orc shamans
PINUP Guess what? ;)

Many thanks go to: NlordAnubis, Rheinalender, Captain Power, Morituri, Palomino, Breadfan, Roland, RayTRoX, Uli, Sir Takko, Stefan and Leodegranz

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