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To activate cheats in Gothic you have to do (depending on your version) following:

1.06l: Open the gothic.ini and change "testmode=0" to "testmode=1"
1.07c&1.08h: Open the character window (standard=s) and type "marvin" (without quotation marks) For cheats beginning with "s" you have to pick another key for the character window.

A list of all console commands exists in our new console section. Here we only show the most used cheats.

If you want more blood in gothic do following:
Open the gothic.ini and change
Now can change the gore factor in the game settings.


Key Effect
[F2] Opens the console.
[F3] Switch between window and fullscreen mode
[F4] Normal mode
[F5] Freeze cam
[F6] Free cam mode
[F7] Skip through world
[F8] Regenerate Life and Mana
H Reduce Life
Y Go round
O Control selected NPC
Home Switch character

character window commands(v1.07c)

Command Effect
marvin Enable test mode
taki Regenerate Life and Mana
godzilla Everything becomes huge
clock Shows a clock in the left top (very useful)
southpark Improves run- and attackspeed
marin, sodom +1000 ore
42 Disable test mode
garfield The characters become fat
clerks Starwars-mode, everything is in slow-motion (very cool)
kingkong Everything becomes very small
maitai Wireframe-Mode
caipirinha No-Texture mode
ticktock MobyDick-Mode. Never seen so much rain before.
grommit Everything becomes flat like a pancake
shrike A poem appears and all NPCs become very bony.
thequeenmustdie Kills MUD (har, har)
convenant Shows the intro sequence
knokator Shows the big invocation of the Sleeper
pixies Shows the charging sequence of URIZIEL

These cheatcodes are only a small choice of all existing. If you find new cheats which are not listed or if some cheats don't work, mail to:deathweaver@worldofgothic.de

Big thanks to following people who sent those cheats to us and corrected mistakes: NlordAnubis, Rheinalender, Captain Power, Morituri, Palomino, Breadfan, Roland, RayTRoX, Joe Hunter

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