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Instead of presenting a complete walkthrough here, we decided to give some general tips for the game and the three camps. We think that tips are enough and a walkthrough could ruin the game experience. Nevertheless if you encounter a problem while playing or you get stuck at a certain point please visit our tips and tricks forum. It's in german but questions in english are welcome, too.

  1. How to join the new camp
  2. Map with legend

1. How to join the new camp

1. Mordrag

By urging Thorus (the guard at the gate to the castle) repeatedly you will obtain the assignment to get rid of Mordrag, a messenger from the New Camp. He is standing on the right hand side of one of the old camp's exits. After you've convinced Mordrag that the guards are annoyed of his presence and told him that you want to join the New Camp he will guide you there. Upon arrival at the New Camp he gives a ring to you which is the ticket to Lares who wants you to fulfill some tasks before he lets you join the camp.

2. Baal Isidro

To increase Lares' sympathy for you you should distribute swampweed for a Baal. First you have to talk to Baal Kagan who soon gives you the hint that Baal Isidro doesn't want to work and will be replaced soon. Before walking to him you have to get past the two doormans in front of the pub. But you may pass for a donation of 100 ore. As an alternative you could run to the mine of the new camp (the so-called Free Mine) in order to get digger clothes from Swiney. By wearing those you can go into the pub for free.
Baal Isidro is sitting next to the entrance. After a sip of rice-schnapps and the bad news you tell him he gives his swampweed to you which you are able to sell at once. The buyer is also located in the pub. It's Cipher. You find out that he buys swampweed in larger amounts in the swamp during a conversation with the swampweed-collector Balor. Only by knowing this you are able to sell him the 50 swampweed joints. Then give the profit of 400 ore to Lares.

3. The list from the mine

In order to acquire the list for the new camp which is in great demand you have to go to the old camp and ask Thorus what you need to do to join the Old Camp. He refers you to Diego who tells you that the test of confiance is necessary for this. Ask some more questions and he tells you to go to the old mine where you should ask Ian for the list. After receiving the list from Ian you just have to return to the new camp and give the list to Lares who adds a few things. Then you bring it back to Diego. Now Lares will accept you because you performed that well.

4. Level 5

To become a member of the bandits your character has to be at least at level 5.

2. Map with legend

New Camp

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