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Instead of presenting a complete walkthrough here, we decided to give some general tips for the game and the three camps. We think that tips are enough and a walkthrough could ruin the game experience. Nevertheless if you encounter a problem while playing or you get stuck at a certain point please visit our tips and tricks forum. It's in german but questions in english are welcome, too.

  1. Member of the Old Camp
  2. Map with legend

1. How to join the Old Camp

The old camp is preferred by the most players because it's the camp you come across first. In order to join this camp you have to follow Diego's instructions and fulfill tasks for influential people to get their approval.


The test of confidence is a rather simple task that Diego gives to you. You have to get a writing from Ian, who is the foreman of the old mine, and bring it to Diego. It's advantageous to get the map Diego spoke of from Graham. If you threaten him with violence you will get the map with the way to the old mine for free. Now you have to go northwards. You should try to evade the more difficult enemies like wolves because at the beginning you stand a chance against them. Inside the mine you have to descend a few levels to get to Ian. Take the writing from him and bring it to Diego and the quest is finished.

2. Thorus

By urging Thorus (the guard at the gate to the castle) repeatedly you will obtain the assignment to get rid of Mordrag, a messenger from the New Camp. He is standing on the right hand side of one of the old camp's exits. Let him guide you to the new camp. As he has the intention to stay there for a while you can return to the old camp and Thorus will be content with you.

3. Fingers:

The thief Fingers will give you his approval if you show him that you know at least one thieves' skill. It's good to learn how to sneak because you could use this skill quite often. Fingers' hut is located at the west side of the old camp.

4. Scatty:

To impress Scatty, the leader of the arena, you have 2 options. Either you fight with Karim who is very strong and hard to defeat or with Kirgo who can already be defeated at level five. If you fight with Karim and lose, Scatty will be impressed anyway because you proved your courage.

5. Sly

Sly gives you the task to find Nek the missing guard who allegedly joined the new camp. But you find his cadaver in a cave which is situated near of the south gate. Just follow the steep face on the right hand side in front of the gate. At the cave there are 3 molerats. Take Nek's amulet and give it to Sly as an evidence.

6. Dexter:

Dexter wants you to steal a recipe from the alchemist of the sect camp, Cor Kalom. For this task you should buy some picklocks from a trader in order to open the chest with the recipe. Then ask Baal Parvez who is standing at the marketplace to guide you to the sect camp. After you have arrived at the camp you should first talk to Lester and ask him for the way to Cor Kalom's hut. Inside his hut there are two chests. The recipe is in the left one. This chest can be opened with this combination: right, left, right. Then return to the Old Camp and give the recipe to Dexter.

If you talk with Diego after finishing these quests you can join the old camp if your character is at least at level five.

2. Map with legend

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