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Preview @ gamerevolution.com

Once sentenced to the harsh prison world of Gothic, there is no escape from a living death in the darkness of the mines. Precious goods are dropped in exchange for the hard-won ore, making the mines all that stands between the prisoners and certain death. Control of the mines is key, and makeshift ore barons battle with runaway mine slaves and apocalyptic cultists for dominance over the labyrinths. To survive, you'll have to choose your friends and enemies carefully in thing acoming action/RPG from Piranha Bytes.

Preview @ Gamespot.com

As more developers embrace the concept of massively multiplayer games, fans of traditional role-playing games are left with fewer alternatives. Hoping to capture a portion of that particular audience, Xicat Interactive and developer Pirhana Bytes have been working on a single-player role-playing game named Gothic, which has all the typical features of the genre, such as item gathering and statistic building. But what sets Gothic apart from being an ordinary role-playing game is its emphasis on the bond of trust that forms between characters, which ultimately determines your character's fate. Betraying the bond can lead to exile from a camp and possibly even death.

Preview @ eurogamer.net

While Gothic has already been released in its native Germany (and picked up a number of awards from local magazines and websites in the process), the third person action-adventure / role-playing hybrid has yet to see the light of day in the rest of Europe. We took an English language press demo of the game for a spin to see what we've been missing out on...

Preview @ RPGDot.com

Piranha Bytes has created a very nice piece of game, one, that looks very promising, once the bugs have been eliminated (couldnt light a torch in the preview, this always crashed the game and may have been important in one extremely dark room).
Surely, the graphics, which look even better in motion than on stills together with the highly detailed world and characters add to the atmosphere, which does not have to hide behind Ultima 9.
But also the story seems very compelling; combat is sometimes a bit confusing, which is because of the monsters trying to surround you, so you dont see the whole situation properly.

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