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On this page you find almost all known technical problems and their solutions. The questions and answers have been partially taken from the official FAQ on the Piranha Bytes Homepage.

[Graphic] - [Sound] - [Installation] - [Misc.]

All menu texts are unreadable.

The problem only occurs in connection with Voodoo 3 cards and has already been solved in the newest game version, as Carsten Edenfeld had announced in our forum.

After the beginning of the game and the intro video, the screen only shows black/violet, nothing is discernable.

On graphic adapters with a NVidia chipset (e.g. GeForce) the following Direct 3D settings must be active:

  • Enable Fog Table Emulation
  • Adjust Z-Buffer Deph
After the beginning of the game and the intro video, severe graphical errors occur, the landscape and objects flicker or partially disappear.

Severe graphical errors occur if an older ATI graphic adapter is installed. The problem is that these adapters are not completely compatible with DirectX.
Piranha Bytes works on a solution to this problem along with ATI.

[Graphic] - [Sound] - [Installation] - [Misc.]

The sound often jerks in the game and especially in the camps problems occur.
Try to adjust the Windows swap file in the system.ini under [VCACHE] to 512K, it might work. Unfortunately the graphical performance in the game will decrease.

[Graphic] - [Sound] - [Installation] - [Misc.]

The installation seems to stop at 99% and takes all in all a lot of time.
There is unfortunately no solution to this problem yet. You must wait until Gothic has been installed completely. The duration can last up to 50 minutes.

[Graphic] - [Sound] - [Installation] - [Misc.]

The game gives the following error message: "Please insert the game CD into your device and restart Gothic" I've already inserted a CD.

The needed disc is CD2!

The full version crashes during the start.

There are several solutions to this problem:

1. If you have installed the demo before, it is possible that the full game crashes due to old registry entries. Just delete this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePIRANHA-BYTES Software GmbHGOTHIC 1.04d
(Please only use Regedit when you know how to work with it!)

2. Be patient, on some systems the starting process takes more than 2 minutes. Do something else!

Gothic often crashes when I load a save game.

Try to set the swapfile of Windows by yourself to a fixed size. Try with about 800MB.

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