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Actions in movement mode and fight mode:
Change of mode: Space
Select spell or weapon: Shortcuts 1-0
Move: Arrow keys
Strafe left: Delete
Strafe right: Page down
Main menu: Esc

Actions only available in movement mode:
Take item: Ctrl + Up arrow
Talk to npc: Ctrl + Up arrow
Choose conversation option: Up/down arrow, Confirm: Return
Open chest / Use item: Ctrl + Up arrow
Exit inventory / Close chest: Esc
Inventory: Tab
Go back from item: Ctrl + Down arrow

Actions only available in fight mode (Melee combat):
Attack: Ctrl + Up/left/right arrow
Special move: Several times Ctrl + Up arrow with lags
Block: Ctrl + Down arrow
Change target: Left/right arrow

Actions only available in fight mode (Ranged combat):
Shoot: Ctrl + Up arrow
Change target: Ctrl + Left/right arrow

Actions only available in fight mode (Magic):
Cast spell: Hold down Ctrl + Up Arrow
Change target: Left/right arrow

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