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Frequently asked Questions

Question Answer
How can I beat the golems in front of Xarda's tower? To beat the stone golem use a baton, e.g. a mace.
Use fire runes, or fire scrolls for the ice golem.
For the fire golem you have to use bolt spells.
I am not able to find my question in this listing. If you have a question regarding the story or you are stuck at one point, have a look at our Help Forum (in german but questions in english are welcome, too). Please visit our Troubleshooting Section, if you are annoyed by hardware problems, or frequent crashes.
Am I able to pick up the opponent's armor, too? No, you can only pick up items, and weapons.
Are there helmets and buckler in Gothic? No there are no things like this.
Am I able to save the game whenever I want to, or just at some points? Save whenever you want to. It will save a lot of time if you get killed.
Do the monsters respawn from time to time, or will the world be empty at some point? They do. A respawn generally happens when you finish one chapter of the game. So the world won't be empty.
How do I get experience? You will gain experience for resolving quests, or by killing monsters. After you reached the next level, your health points automatically will increase, and you will receive learning points. After you received enough learning points some people (trainer, etc) will train you for ore or sometimes other things. (e.g. in: swordplay, strength, etc)
How many locations, cities, and villages are there in Gothic? There is the old camp, the new camp, and the sect camp. Furthermore there are dungeons like the old mine, the orcish graveyard, and the temple of the Sleeper.
Am I able to walk wherever I want to? You can walk generally everywhere within the barrier. However, you keep in mind that the world of Gothic is very dangerous, so it' not a good idea to start with walking through the orc land, or a dark wood. This definitely will be your dead. Only after you gained several levels and got stronger and more experienced, you will be prepared to visit locations like this.
Is there a quest diary or do I have to remember all of them? Yes, there is a diary where you can find all of your momentary quests, and also your solved or unsolved quests.
Is there a map of the world? Yes, there is one in the old camp, but it isn't too detailed, and we won't tell you where to find it. :D
Which engine do the developer of Gothic use, or is it created by themselves? The whole engine is created by the people of Piranha Bytes.
Between how many character classes am I able to choose? Gothic is different from most other RPGs in this point. You don't have to pick a class or create a character at the beginning of the game. Instead you will start as a simple human without any special professions. During the game you will be able to learn different skills and have to join one out of several groups that are present in the game. Depending on your choices, you will become a mage, a warrior, or a psionic.
What's about this thing called "final move"? If you defeat another human using a melee weapon, you don't kill him. Instead, he will just drop unconscious. While he is laying on the ground, you have to choose whether you want to kill him with a final move, or if you want to let him survive. Be aware that the other characters in the game won't tolerate that you kill people.
What is the role of all the babes within Gothic? Amusement of all men. ;) Their "skills" are: dancing, fawning air, and cleaning. You will find most of them in the ore baron's house.
How does archery work? It works with auto aiming after you focused the opponent, and it solely depends on your talents in archery and dexterity whether you hit the target or not.
From which point of view do I play Gothic? You will play the game out of the chaser perspective like in "Tomb Raider" for example. The camera will react on different situation.
What is the recommended hardware configuration? Officially you need at least a PII 400, 128 MB RAM and a 16 MB graphic-card to play Gothic. The memory is the most important fact, because Gothic will save most parts of the world in your temporary RAM. However, you are also able to decrease the visibility, the details of the texture and of the models to increase the performance.
What discriminates Gothic from other role-playing games? At first the very good KI and graphic. Monsters are intelligent enough to react to your action and aren't just there to get killed. Sometimes you will see that stronger monsters hunt others. Also it is fascinating to see that the world is very detailed. You will get an optical feedback, so you will see when your character is getting stronger or equips new items.
How many inhabitants are there in Gothic? There are nearly 500 hundred inhabitants, and more than 500 monsters in Gothic.
How long does it take to finish Gothic. ? Officially between 70 and 80 hours, but you are able to play the game again in different ways, with new quests, etc.
Am I able to play Gothic just with the keyboard, or also with my mouse? You can play it with both your mouse and your keyboard, or just via keyboard..

If you have any further question, and you think, they should be placed in this FAQ, just write a mail to: [HW]Butcher

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