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Interview with Torsten Dinkheller @ RPGPlanet.com

Gothic takes place in a 3D medieval world, divided into three camps: Old, New and Psi. In this single-player game, you pick one of these sides, and must defeat the others and battle monsters like trolls and orcs. We talk with Torsten Dinkheller, a 3D Artist on Gothic.

Interview with Piranha Bytes @ IGN.com

Gothic is a 3D real-time fantasy role-playing game being developed by a German studio, Piranha Bytes. We have been in contact with the developers ever since we heard about the game last year, and have followed it's progress closely. Consequently, it was a pleasure to meet some of the team at E3, where we were also able to get our first look at Gothic aside from screenshots. In addition, we were able to arrange for an interview with four members of the team. Stefan Nyul is the Project Manager. Tom Putzki's responsibilities include PR and marketing plus game design while Alex Brueggemann's are game design and character animations, and Carsten Edenfeld is a programmer for the camera, sound and music et al.

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