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WoG is running a huge board with a lively community of gothic fans.

Ever wondered why the Sleeper extended the barrier? Who is your favourite Gothic character? Does Xardas have a hidden agenda? What do you want to see in Gothic 4? And what would ruin the game for you? Join us and discuss this and various other topics.

Are you stuck in the game or need support with a technical problem? Just post your question in the new forum. There are many regular users who know the Gothic series inside out and have a lot of experience in dealing with all kind of bugs and glitches so you can expect a quick and competent response.

However, before you start posting, please consider these rules:

  • Join here!
  • The usual netiquette
  • Try to pick a meaningful thread title. "Problems at Xardas' tower" is much more meaningful than "Help Help".
  • If you want to use images in your signature, please be considerate of modem users and try to keep the images as small as possible. WoG also offers you the hosting of your signature images. All details can be found here.
  • There are currently six main forums.
    • Gothic Discussion: You can discuss about all parts of the Gothic series and all other things related to the game.
    • Peanuts: This is the Off-Topic Area of the english community. You can discuss here everything not related to Gothic.
    • Help: If you have problems with Gothic 1, Gothic 2, Gothic 3 or Arcania this is the right place to ask for help.
    • Gothic Modding: All info concerning modding for the Gothic Series.
      • Ironkeep Studios: The Community Forum for discussing and posting questions about the modifications made by IronKeep Studios.
  • Russian (Русские форумы)
    • Gothic - Дискуссия и Прохождение: Здесь вы можете обсуждать все, что связано с играми серии Gothic и получить помощь в прохождении.
    • Gothic - Моды и ТехПоддержка: Здесь вы можете найти информацию о модах и получить техническую поддержку.
    • Arcania - Дискуссия и Прохождение: Обсуждение любых аспектов новой игры от Spellbound и помощь в прохождении.
    • Наши увлечения: В этом разделе можно обсуждать все, что не связано с серией Gothic или Risen, - кино, музыку, другие игры и т.д.
    • Творчество: Здесь вы сможете публиковать и обсудить свои произведения - рисунки, рассказы, стихи, проекты.

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