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As described in the console-section you can teleport easily to every important place simply by using the console. In order to do that you only have to activate the cheat-mode (see Cheats section) and to know the name of the desired target waypoint. To make your life easier we have created a list with the most important places.

Stoned Jesus of the World of Gothic forums has created a map with the most important waypoints. You can take a look at it here.

Waypoint place
start Startpoint
oc1 Main entrance to the old camp
oc2 Side entrance to the old camp
occ_barons_dance Gomez
occ_chapel_upstairs Corristo
ow_om_entrance01 Old mine
nc_path50 Entrance to the new camp
nc_entrance_wp Central place of the new camp
nc_small_cave_center Lee
nc_kdw_cave_entrance Saturas
fms_entrance Free mine
nc_pit_center Ore pit
psi_start Entrance to the sect camp
psi_temple_rooms Y'Berion
psi_labor_in Cor Kalom
dt_maingate Entrance to Xardas` tower
dt_library Xardas
castle Castle ruin
fogtower_out Lighttower
location_12_01 valley with troll
location_19_03 old castle
location_28_01 Monastery ruin
location_29_02 black goblins’ cavern
mt_01 magics` tower
ow_orcbridge Orc bridge
ow_path_198_orcgraveyard7 orc graveyard
ow_sleeperentrance entrance to the sleepers` temple
stones Stonehenge
wp_circle_01 first focus stone
castle_tower_top Look-out
occ_tower_platform Another Look-out

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