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In Gothic the development of the player character is different from most other role playing games like Diablo 2. The player does not have to decide for one class at the beginning of the game. He can choose his class in the game by joining a certain camp. Example: Who joins the old camp becomes a "Shadow". If the player gets a lot of experience points and gains some prestige, he can decide whether he wants to become a fighting guard or a magician of fire.
Here is a list of all the possible ways in all the camps:

The old camp



Magicians of Fire
If the player joins the old camp, after some tests he becomes a Shadow. These are new men, who have not yet proved themselves enough to become a guard. Normally Shadows fight with one handed swords and bows. Guards are the elite of the old camp and care for the safety of the camp. They fight with single- and double handed swords and wear heavy armors. Instead of becoming a guard, after having proved to be a good shadow you can also choose the path of the magician of fire. These magicians use fire-runes and scrolls to cause heavy damage on their enemy. For their own protection they wear just a gown.

New camp



Magician of Water
The bandit is - similar to the shadow - the first class when the player joins the new camp. The bandits are not so repressed like the shadows in the old camp. They live their own life and don't mind the mercenaries' business. Their arms are bows, one-handed swords and slashing weapons.. The mercenaries are the protectors of the magicians of water. They guard the heap of ore, the main object in the escape-plan of the magicians of water. Mercenaries are equal to the guards of the old camp. They prefer heavy axes. The magicians of water are the opponents of the magicians of fire. They do not want to accept their destiny and work on a huge heap of ore to blow up the barrier. They prefer using ice-spells and runes.

Sect Camp



The first class to become in the sect camp is novice. Novices are fanatic followers of the sleeper and smoke a lot of weed. Their weapons are one-handed swords or hammers. The second class and also the last one, which the player can reach, is the templar. The templars are the fighting-elite of the sleeper and ensure that the gurus can do their meditations without disturbance. They prefer fighting with two-handed weapons. The Gurus are the religious leaders of the sect camp. They are in contact with the sleeper and pass on their visions. Normally they do not fight with weapons, but with their powerful magic. The player himself cannot become a guru (see templar).

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