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Frequently asked Questions

The following FAQ has been created by vabun, shadow14, moeff, orphelia, Shamane-Ben, Wasserleiche, Malek, Gollum, Leodegranz, Torlof, Danielkroetz, Dexter, Blutfeuer and GlutaeusMaximus

Q: How do I navigate in Gothic??
A: You move with the cursors, = jump, if you have an object in the focus
(that means you can read the name of the object), you can use it with < ctrl > + cursor up.
If the object is a thing it will be taken, if it's a person you will speak to him or her,
if it's a defeated enemy you will search him. You can use things in the inventory (< tab >) the same way.
Using + cursor down, you will lay it down.
The remaining is read at the manual.

Q: How can I trade?
A: You speak to a trader then the trading menu appears.
On the left side is the inventory of the trader on the right side is yours and in the midde are the things that the trader wants to exchange,
and what you want to exchange. You take a thing from the trader's inventory
and pushes it in the middle (< ctrl > + cursor direction middle) than it is in the middle
and above the inventory in the middle is the value. Now you push something from your
own inventory in the middle until the things you took from the trader and these from your own inventory have the same value.
Now you press < enter > and the things that are in the inventory bar in the middle will be exchanged.

Q:Where can I get learning points (lp)?
A: If you kill an enemy or solve a quest you will get experience points.
If you got enough experience points you will gain a level. For each level gained you will get 12 health points and 10 learning points.
How many points you need in order to the next level can be seen at the character screen. ( press "s" or "b")

Q: how many lp I will get?
A: You will get "only" 10 lp EVERY level increase.

Q: How can I change my values?
A: For this, you need a teacher. You find them at the camps.

Q: I am "anywhere", what can I do?
A: Talk to everyone who has a name.

Q: Why do I need to learn weapon skills?
A: The better you can use a weapon the faster you can hit with it.
There are also combo attacks you will learn if you learn the first degree.
These combo attacks are only for close combat.

Q: How man damage can I do?
A: Weapondamage + strength = damage; to defeat an enemy you have to
cause as many damage as experience points you will get when he is defeated,
assuming the enemy has no armor

Q: I am "anywhere" and have found "anything" does that belong to a later quest?
A: Yes, only the bandits at the Troll Canyon don't belong to any quest.
The quest with the herbblenders in front of the New Camp can only be played at the Sect Camp.

Q: the winch is jamed!!!!!
A1: patch 1.08h
A2: ONLY use the winch one time, that means save before using.
the winch can be use in the majority of cases one time and only when it is destined. Otherwise it will jam.
Most likely for ever.

Q: The Gate to the old mine is closed!
A1: Install the patch 1.08h.
A2: When you use the winch near the gate, the door will be closed forever. So best would be when you don't use it at all.

Q: Near the abandoned ship at the coast (at the tower) is a cave full of skeletons. Does that belong to a quest?
A: Yes it does. The quest is called "The Stranger". It has been installed with the patch 1.08h and will be started, when you read the book of the skeleton mage.

Q: Is there any sense in the existence of Mud?
A1: When you survive the game with him, you will be a
honorary member in the Mud fan club.
A2: For hitting
A3: For praying to him

Q: How can I easily get experience at the beginning?
A1: There are people who will guide you to the other camps. On the way, they will kill some animals for you. Anyway, you will get the XPs.
A2: Do every little quest!

Q: How can I reach the other camps?
A: If you are in the old camp:
Mordrag will guide you to the new camp, if you ask him.
Baal Parves (near Fisk and Dexter) brings you to the swamp camp.

Q: What do I have to say to Horatio?
A: Go to the tavern in the middle of the lake and speak to Jeremiah

Q: How can I get into the tavern in the new camp?
A: Either you pay 100 ore, run through, knock down the guard, OR
Get the digger clothes at the free mine and tell the guard that you are a digger.

Q: Where can I get an armor?
A: At the beginning, you'll find one in the free mine.

Q: Where's the free mine?
A: Go to the new camp and go up the mountain, where the people are training.
Then follow the way past the scavengers.

Q: I've lost my way...
A: Buy a map from Dexter or Graham in the old camp.

Q: Where can I find Graham?
A: He's in a house at the path over the pond (at the northern entrance, near the campfire with the smoking person). Every morning, he washes himself at the pond.

Q: Can I get a hut in the swamp camp?
A: Not officially (you can take one).

Q: Viran in the swamp camp says that I still must kill some blood flies, but I don't see any of them.
A: Two flies are on an isle in the small lake near the swamp sharks. OR one of the blood flies hangs in a tree, then you must kill it with a bow.

Q: Where can I learn two-handed melee combat?
A: You must be in the old camp or in the swamp camp, and additionally mastered one hand. Then you can learn from Thorus respectively Cor Angar. As a member of the new camp you can learn two-handed fight from Lee without having one-handed combat mastered.

Q: I've transformed myself into an animal. How can I turn myself back to human form?
A: Press enter...

Q: When I fight against a crowd of enemies, which ARE NOT able to hurt me when I run, (that means no snapper in example). How do I proceed best?
A: The AI of the enemies is programmed to follow you only over a certain distance and for a certain period of time. When you circle around such enemies, they will stop following you.
Then they will immediately realize that you are still nearby and restart threatening you (growl, bark, knock with a rod, etc.)
In this time you can hit them once or twice, before they restart hunting you. Then you start again circling around them.
You can use this tactic for example against goblins. It is important that the enemies hardly ever hit you while you are circling around them.

Q: How can I open the console?
A: Open the character window ( "b" or "s" key ), then type "marvin" and return to the game( type again "b" or "s" ).
In the top right screen "Marvin mod" or "Testmode" will be shown, depending on your version and your way to start the game (if you use patch 1.08h Marvin mode will be shown, unless you start the game with the parameter -zreparse)
Now open the console by hitting "F2" More information can be found here

Q: I'm new in Gothic and just rose to level 2. How can I invest my learning points - for example in strength ?
A: You have to look for someone who teaches you. Strength for example is taught by Diego. Some teachers only instruct members of their camp or they want some ore to teach you.

Q: How far can I improve my strength?
A: Strength and dexterity can be brought up to 100, after this you can use potions, rings and amulets.

Q: How far can I improve my one-hand skill?
A: You can improve one-hand, two-hand, bow and crossbow in two steps. If you mastered your talents you can't improve them further.

About the quests: To become a member of the Old Camp you have to complete following quests:
Meatbug ragout for Snaf
Whistler's sword
Scatty's arenafight
Learn a thief's talent for Fingers
Get Mordrag to leave the camp for Thorus
Dexter's recipe
Nek's dead body
Test of confidence

You have to complete 7 out of these 8 quests. I prefer leaving out the quest Fingers gives to me so I can save 10 LP and invest them otherwise.

1. quest: Meatbug ragout for Snaf :
You have already seen meatbugs at the start. Unfortunately they are not enough and so you have to get some from the southern gate. (In empty huts)
Hellmushrooms can be found in front of the southern gate near the molerats.

2. quest: Whistler's sword:
Buy the sword from Fisk. Don't mention Whistler?s name!! After you bought it back you can ask Whistler for the remaining 10 ore.

3. quest: Scatty's arenafights:
Scatty wants you to fight in the arena. Kirgo is the easier enemy, Kharim is much more difficult! If you win against Kirgo or if you challenge Kharim, Scatty will vote for you.

4. quest: Learn a thief's talent for Fingers:
Learn sneaking, lock picking or pickpocketing.

5. quest: Get Mordrag to leave the camp:

Talk to Thorus for the quest and stay persistent! Warn Mordrag and ask him to take you to the New Camp. So you gain some experience and Mordrag kills the monsters for you. After you had a look around in the New Camp (Save in front of the camp and find a way around Lefty who waits for you near the rice fields.) return to the Old Camp. First go to Cavalorn's hut, crack his chest and open the door in the cave on the back of his hut. (Be careful there are two molerats!)

6. quest: Dexter's recipe:
Ask Baal Parvez to take you to the Camp in the Swamp. Lester will take you to Cor Khalom. Crack the left chest and return with the recipe to Dexter.

7. quest: Nek's dead body:
Sly will give this quest to you. He is one of the shadows. Leave the camp through the southern door and turn right to the rock face. There is a cave guarded by three molerats. Inside you find Nek.

8. quest: Test of confidence
This quest is given to you by Diego. If you threat Graham he will give you the map for free. Get the list from Ian, take it first to Lares (IMPORTANT) and then to Diego. You'll receive 1000 exp and after you gave the list to Diego you can pick up your reward from Gorn.

Have fun and Good luck!

Q: How can I defeat the stone golem?
A: Use a hammer as weapon! The best choice is the gods' hammer from the smith in the sect camp. A stonebreaker or a morning star will do it, too.

Q: Should I attack the fire golem with a ice spell or a lightning spell?
A: Ball lighting and ice arrow are the best choice. Don't use ice block!

Q: Can i go to Xardas after I killed the three golems? Or do I have to kill the demon in his tower?
A: You have to talk to the demon! It's hart to believe but he will not hurt you.

Q: I have to fight against a lot of packs but are not able to defeat them? What should I do?
A: Climb on a elevated place that the enemies are unable to reach. Then kill them using a ranged weapon or magic.
If this is not possible, try to attract a single animal so you can kill the pack one by one. Or attack them with a ranged weapon and as soon as they start chasing you, run away.

Q: Is it possible to become an ore baron?
A: No!

Q: Is it possible to become a guru?
A: No!

Q: Is it possible to get the heavy guard armor?
A: Unfortunately not.

If you are stuck because of a bug and loading an older game won't help, try these "emergency-cheats".

Q: I cannot open the gate in the old mind to the minecrawlers.
Reloading is not possible, the winch is stuck and all templers are standing in front of teh gate.

A: Use this command in the console:
ztrigger evt_om_crawler_01

Q: I am stuck in the orc graveyard. I am unable to talk to Baal Lukor and he is no longer following me. I have both scrolls.
A: Use this command in the console:
insert lukor_bugfixbook
Read the book that will appear in front of you and Baal Lukar should continue to follow you.

Q: I defeated the troll in the troll canyon but the winch is stuck. Diego repaired it but the winch is still stuck!
I don't have any older savegames.

A: Use this command in the console:
ztrigger Troll_Wheel

F: I spoke to the demon in Xardas' tower without having the hearts of the golems in my inventory. Now that I have them, I can't speak to him anymore.
A: Enter this in the console:
insert itarruneteleport5
With the rune you're able to get to Xardas without having to deal with the demon.

F: I'm standing in front of the free mine with Gorn, but I can't operate the winch to open it, it's jammed. And I don't possess any older savegame anymore.
A: Enter this in the console:
ztrigger freeminegate

F: I'm in the middle of the final battle versus the Sleeper and I want to pierce the hearts but I lack one or more of the swords needed.
A: The cheats for all the five swords are as following (console):
insert lichtbringer
insert weltenspalter
insert zeitenklinge
insert bannklinge
insert daemonenstreich

Once again: These cheats are only meant to solve any problems that are caused by bugs, rendering the game to be impossible to solve. This is NOT a tutorial for cheating.

F: Where do I find the UOSU (Ultima Online Screenshot Utility), which I can use to make screenshots in Gothic?
A: You can download it here.

F: From the very moment I got a Kyro (Kyro 2) graphics card in my personal computer I can't play Gothic anymore!
A: You need to install the Kyro 2 Patch .
Before that, if you haven't done it yet you should install the 1.08h patch for Gothic .
For further questions please refer to the GRAPHICSCARD-FAQ...

F: My system is crashing down more and more often either when I'm fighting multiple enemies or hear certain sounds.
A: In the preferences of Gothic switch the soundcard from EAX(2) to Miles Fast. Only from version 1.08h on it's possible to change this preference. But be aware that switching of the soundprovider is only effective after you have rebooted the game.

F: Can I kill all humans without second thoughts?
A: No, one shouldn't kill people who have names earlier, since they're mostly needed for side quests or either as coaches or as traders. The main quest will function properly either way, since ALL characters of importance to the story are immortal but still...

F: Can I kill all the animals and monsters without second thoughts?
A: Sure

Q: My weapons are quite weak in the beginning. Where can I get some more efficient weapons?
A: A: First of all get some lock picks and try to crack the blacksmith's cases that are located in the "Outer Ring" of the "Old Camp". There you will find some rough swords, Hint: With some raw steal and basic blacksmith knowledge you can also forge such swords by yourself (those can also be used as trading objects for desperately needed ore in the beginning).
Later on in the game, in case that u decide to become a member of the ?Shadow? guild, you can purchase a Shadowarmor from Diego and get some Weapon-Resistance rings in the mercenary camp (?New Camp?). Now you should take down Bullit and acquire his ?Victory-bringer? sword. With this new items you should, after a few tries, be able to take down Raven (the best time is early in the morning, while he is still alone in his room). His sword has some awesome 70 damage points (it requires however 55 strength points to use). Now it should be easy to take down Skar (one of Gomez?s bodyguards) and acquire his sword. His sword is the best one-handed sword in the game (it has 85 damage points but requires 71 strength points). While performing this action it doesn?t really matter if you get beaten down a few times. You should take that risk since Skar, Arto, Gomez & Co. will still let you live in case that you get beaten down and they won?t rob you of any ore either. From now on it should be pretty easy to solve the rest of the game.
Q: Gorn attacks me in the ?Free-Mine?. Why is that so?
A: Gorn is a mercenary, and mercenaries are guarding the house in which the ? is located that opens the Free-Mine?s gate. If you enter that house and try to open the gate Gorn will say soething like: ?Keep your hands to yourself? or ?Don?t touch that?. From that moment on the will threat you like an enemy and try to punish you.
Solution: Try to avoid Gorn from seeing you enter that house and use the ? . Therefore, with a bit of luck he won?t even get any time to tell you not to open that gate Therefore, you try to hurry opening that gate before he gets any time to tell you not to touch that. Hint: With a bit of luck he will remain standing at the Upper entrance of the Mining canyon or you could try to open that gate fast enough before he arrives at the Mine?s entrance. You could also try to open up the Free Mine?s gate before you get into any fight with the guards. It is however not quite certain if that last option will really work.

Q: I have received the quest ?The Stranger?, but I have no idea how to solve it.
A: This quest is a riddle where you are supposed to find each of the Chormanin-books. In each book you will find hints about the location of the next book that there is to find. Hint: The second book is located
WARNING - SPOILER (to read please select text)
on the tower of the old castle where you have met Ur-Shak for the first time.

Q: After the installation of the patch I am being asked to enter the ?Original-CD? into my CD-ROM drive. But I have already entered the original CD.
I own the budget version.

A: The budget version already contains the latest patch. A new patching is only necessary if you experience problems with you graphic-card. Hereby you should only install the patch 1.08k.
All other patches would lead to a ?downgrade?, which could lead to the ?Wrong CD? message as listed above.

Q: How can I properly uninstall Gothic?
Commence a deinstallation manually?

- start RegEdit.exe, go to HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall
- search for ?gothic? until you find an entry called 'DisplayName'='Gothic'
- the name of the found registry path is GUID for an installation ('{BBF10B37-4ED3-11D5-A818-00500435FC18}')
- delete the entry [Program Files] InstallShield Installation Information[GUID]
- Delete the above found registry-path with the GUID

- If the patch 1.08k has been installed, follow the same procedure for 'DisplayName'='Gothic_Patch' (by Nico_DE)

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