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This walkthrough for the new addon quests was created by Todesfürst.
The walkthrough for Gothic II Classic can be found here.

Translated by:
crysantema, Der.Sammler, Fizzban, Kaliki, Orkschlächter, Pryokar, Rasputin, Schnitzel and simulty

Quest / Author Solution
01 Rat Hunt Alligator Jack would like you to help him hunting swamp rats. Agree to this offer and join him
02 Meat for Morgan Moving to the west of the water mages camp you'll meet a pirate named "Alligator Jack". He is standing on the right hand side. Besides providing you with plenty of useful information he will ask whether you'd like to help him hunting. If you accept he will guide you near the pirates' camp and additionally removes all the enemies crossing your way. Of course you will receive all the experience points.
After finishing the hunt Jack will ask you to take the meat to Morgan at the pirates' camp.
Give this information to Henry. It will lower the entry fee to the pirate camp by 100 gold coins.
03 The tower South of the Pirates' Camp is a tower which is occupied by some bandits. Henry tells you that he doesn't like their presence there. Either you kill the bandits on your own or you ask a member of Henry's boarding party (which is only possible after you got access to the camp). If you kill them alone, Henry will lower the price for admittance to the camp by 200 gold coins.
04 Wood for the palisades You will meet a pirate named Malcom on the way from the water mages to the pirates' camp. He asks you to report to Henry that the wood delivery will take longer than expected. Just pass this information to Henry to complete the quest. This will save you another 100 gold coints on your entry fee.
05 Garrett's compass Garett, a pirate from the pirates' camp tells you about a golden compass which was taken away and supposedly buried by his captain Greg. Upon demand you will receive the further information that the compass is supposed to be buried at a southern beach nearby, close to dangerous beasts. Walk to the beach in the south of the camp. Make sure to have a pickaxe with you. You'll arrive at a place guarded by several lizards and fire lizards, where a skeleton hangs from a tree. There is a cross located beneath this tree. Dig here with your pickaxe and you will find the compass you're searching for. Take it back to Garett and you'll earn - besides a couple of experience points - 1000 gold coins.
06 Grog for the cook There is a pirate standing at the bonfire of the pirates' camp. He's cooking for the other pirates. He wants you to get him a drink. Just hand him a Grog. (You can find it all over the camp or you can buy one from Samuel.)
07 A drink for Brandon Brandon, a pirate at the pirates' camp will teach you strength and dexterity. But he wants a drink first. A simple Grog won't do though. He'll send you to Samuel who is in charge of the alcoholic supply of the camp. Walk alongside the beach to the North. On the right hand side there are a couple of barrels standing directly in front of a cavern. Samuel - who you are looking for- is situated in this cavern. Choose the "I need something stronger!" option in the dialog menu and buy a "Fast Hering". Then take it to Brandon.
08 The beach in the North You should complete this quest before entering Greg's home.
Brandon is sleeping underneath a tent roof next to Samuel's hut. Wake him up and tell him you want to join his boarding troops. He'll give you the order to clean the northern beach from the monsters. So, move on to the North and finish off the lizards cavorting around. To complete the quest, you also have to enter the cave located in the very north of the beach and kill the shadowbeast awaiting you there. Report to Malcom about your heroic deed to finish this quest. You can additionally tell Greg about it once he has arrived in the pirate camp to gain further experience points.
09 Angus and Hank In the pirates' camp Malcom will tell you that Angus and Hank are missing. He wants to have his ring back from Hank who has won it from him when they were gambling. Skip on the other hand wants to have the 20 bottles of rum back that they should have kept with them.
Go over to Alligator Jack who tells you in which cave they hung out frequently.
Go to the lake you passed during the rat hunt and climb into the described cavern. Here you will find the guys lying dead on the floor. Hank has Malcom's ring in his inventory. Return to the pirates' camp to hand the ring to Malcom.
10 Skip is left stranded Skip is now standing in front of his hut in the pirate's camp. If you talk to him, he tells you about Angus and Hank. Amongst other things, they possess twenty bottles of rum, which Skip would like to have back. Just provide him the 20 bottles to accomplish this quest.
15 bottles can be purchased directly at Samuel's. The remaining 5 can either be found or bought later for 30 gold per bottle at Samuel's shop.
The sought-after 20 bottles are in bandit Juan's inventory. You can buy them from him if required, however only before a fight. Afterwards his inventory will be emptied except for the two packets (steel and lockpicks).
11 The murderer of Angus and Hank As soon as you have accomplished the quest "Angus and Hank" you can also tell Bill about it. He's taking their death to heart. He would only be too pleased to know their murderer's name.
As soon as you have done the Quests "Huno's steel" and "A packet full of lockpicks", you automatically meet Juan. This guy has murdered Angus and Hank. When Juan has met his maker you can tell Bill in the pirate's camp the name and finish this quest.
12 Razor hunt Before Greg agrees to hand out the Bandits' Armor you have to do some work for him. You have to clean the Canyon from Razors (some pirates will help you). Talk to every pirate in the camp and take as many with you as possible. (Skip doesn't want to hunt with you alone, so talk to him at last). Go to the entrance of the Canyon and Skip will tell you to meet the others here again if somebody gets lost.
Now kill everything in the Canyon, even the orcs (or you will have to kill them alone for a later quest). Don't go into caves or into the estate in the north or your troop will leave you.
Save often, because the pirates are not immortal. (If necessary you can give healing potions to them)
13 Spy out the bandits The first hint for that quest is given to you by Saturas when you arrive in the AddOn-World for the first time.
Greg wants you to get into the bandit's camp disguised as a bandit, to find out why they are in Jharkendar. Don't forget to wear the Bandits' Armor and go to the swamp. As soon you get some information about the bandits' gold mine you can report to Greg.
14 Malcolm Malcolm is a pirate who has been ordered by Henry to lumber. When you come past him for the first time with Alligator Jack and talk to him he will beg you to bring e message to Henry. When you come back to this place later Malcolm won't be there anymore. Climb upwards to the nearby cave and go in. A pirate named Owen is sitting there and tells you that he and Malcolm were attacked by a Lurker and that Malcolm and the lurker fell through the hole deeper inside the cave. Just follow them and kill the Lurkers. Check Malcolm's body and dive through the entrance of the lower cave into the lake where you hunted swamp rats with Alligator Jack. Climb up to Owen's cave an tell him about his friend's death.
15 Swampshark hunt This quest is part of the missions you have to complete before being allowed to enter the bandit's camp. Franco sends you to Logan who you have to help hunting some swampsharks. Go to Logan and watch him kill the swampsharks either alone or with your help.
16 The stone tablet in the swamp Franco sends you to Edgor to help him with searching for a valuable stone tablet. Go to Edgor who don't even thinks on fulfilling that quest. He tells you where he thinks you can find the stone tablet. Go to the estate in the south and fight through the Stone Guards that are guarding the chest where the tablet is in. One of the guards carries the key. Open the chest, bring one tablet to Saturas and the other one to Franco.
17 Go in (into the bandits' camp) To get into the camp you first have to do some useful things in front of the camp. Talk to Franco, the leader of the hunters' camp. He'll send you to Ramon who is guarding the entrance to the bandits' camp. Ask him if someone is needed inside and return to Franco. Now you will have to help Logan with the Swamshark hunt. After this Franco wants you to help Edgor. When you bring the tablet to Franco you will see that he still won't send you into the camp. Kill him and talk to Ramon. Now he'll grant you access to the camp.
You can kill Franco directly but then you will miss the quests 'Swamshark hunt' and 'The stone tablet in the swamp'.
18 A clamitous situation

by Kermit.d

After passing Ramon and arriving at the camp of the bandits, the first one you see is Senyan who stands at the corner of a house. He directly addresses you. He takes a wanted poster out of his trouser pocket and bribes you with his knowledge about your person.
You should talk to Esteban at first and return to him afterwards.
As soon as you have done this he makes it clear that he expects you to expose the assassin. He also wants to collect the reward so you have to get rid of him. You have to do that anyway to accomplish the quest "The assassination". Draw your favorite weapon and hit him until he lies dead on the ground.
19 The assassination Esteban orders you to track down the person behind the recent assassination attempts. First of all talk to everyone in the camp to gather the necessary information. The important persons are Emilio, Huno and Snaf. To get the right information from Emilio it is necessary to kill Senyan in his presence. Afterwards you go talk Huno and then to Snaf and finally you have to go to the first floor of the tavern where the backer of the assassination awaits you.
20 Huno's steel Huno misses a steel package, and assumes, that Esteban has something to do with it. A bandit called Juan is in possession of the package. Look for him in the south-eastern part of the swamp where you will find a cave in which he has settled down. After a short dialogue you can either buy the package from him or take your chance in a fight. If you beat him down, you will find the package - which you just have to bring back to Huno - in his equipment.
21 A packet full of lockpicks Fisk misses a packet full of lockpicks. It is in the possession of the bandit Juan, (see Huno's steel) so both quests can be solved at the same time. As a positive side-effect of the quest Fisk arranges a better price for Huno's heavier Bandit's armour in addition to the experience you get when you have brought back the lockpicks.
22 Three stones - three diggers After you have killed Esteban and taken the five red stone tablets out of his equipment, you are assigned by Thorus to send three diggers in the gold mine to let them dig. So just choose three diggers and give each of them one stone tablet.
23 Temple access Once you have made it to the inner part of the Bandit's camp, the guards won't let you go inside the temple. However you can gain access to the temple and therefore to Raven by beating down Bloodwyn and showing his head to the guards as a proof of your victory.
In order to meet Bloodwyn, you should go into the gold mine and take care of all minecrawlers. Afterwards the guard will make sure that Bloodwyn will appear in the cave and you can have an undisturbed "talk" with him.
24 Mental meander In the bandit's camp, Fortuno the novice is standing in a corner and has apparently lost his memory. If you want to help him, you have to open his chest and use the recipe which is lying inside to make a Green Novice. Give Fortuno the joint and you will find that it's not enough to bring back Fortuno's whole memory. Now it's Miguel's turn, who is collecting herbs outside the bandit's camp. He gives you a recipe for a potion that is able to restore Fortuno's memory. Try this recipe at an alchemist's bench and give Fortuno the resulting potion. It is important that you know the secret of the bloodfly's sting. You can either learn it from Edgor for one learning point or from a scroll which is lying behind a locked door in the castle in the Valley of Mines.
25 Hammer Schnaps Snaf begs you to concoct an ingredient for a special meal. Take the recipe and brew the liquor either by yourself or go back to the pirate's camp where you can give the recipe to Samuel. Afterwards he will have a never-ending supply of Hammer Schnaps. Give Snaf the liquor and besides some experience points you will get a plate of firemeat that permanently increases your strength by one point. Furthermore, all information you get from Snaf will be for free. Thus it's advisable to do this quest before the quest "The assassination" from Esteban.
26 Herbs for Constantino Lester lets you know that the city guard at the city gate will let you pass if you pretend to collect herbs for the alchemist Constantino. So look for 10 herbs of one kind and show them to the city guard on their demand.
27 The man with the eye-patch You will meet a pirate in front of the city gates, beneath Lobarth's farm. His name is Greg. He wants you to help him with passing the city gates. You need the Working Clothes from Lobarth's farm. After handing them out he'll get into the city. Some time later you will meet Greg again. He is sitting in front of the tavern 'The Dead Hapry' and has a new job for you. He takes you to the next cave and you receive a pickaxe. He wants you to dig out his treasure.
After you did this, Greg tells you the places where his other treasures are buried. Dig out all of them and return to Greg who is waiting at the crossroad near Onar's farm.
28 The Portal The water mages want to activate a portal to a currently inaccessible part of the isle. To help them, you get the task to find three missing pieces of an ornamentation. You receive a map and must visit the marked spots. There you must activate three partly well disguised switches. At the stone circle near Lobart's farm Cavalorn is waiting for you and gives you an important piece of information.
To reach the stone circle in the north alive you should ask Lares for help. After pressing the three switches a stone guard will appear. You should lure him to your companion. After defeating the guard you will find a part of the ornamentation in his inventory. The last stone circle is near Lobard's farm. During daytime the working farmers will help you. It is quite difficult to defeat the stone guardian on your own.
Afterwards bring the three parts to the water mages, who will make one ring out of the 4 ornamentations, which will be able to open the portal.
29 Riordian One of the "Miniquests". When you meet Saturas the first time he wants you to send Riordian to him. Just walk on into the digging site. There you meet Riordian. Tell him what Saturas told you.
30 The Circle of Water Cavalorn tells you at your first meeting that he's a member of the secret organisation 'The Circle of Water'. Your job is it to join this organisation. Talk to Vatras and solve the quest "The missing people". After you did this, Vatras gives you a ring and sends you to the tavern 'The Dead Hapry'. Show your ring to Orlan and ask for a meeting of the 'Circle of Water'. Then they will celebrate you as a new member.
31 The water mages Cavalorn tells you about the water mages who are looking for old artifacts in the northern archeological excavation. Finish the quest "Cavalorn's bandits" and you'll receive the first part of the ornamental ring which you have to bring to Vatras and from him to Lares. Lares should deliver it to the other water mages. You can accompany him after you have finished the quest "Relief for Lares".
After arriving at the water mages you will receive the quest "The portal". As soon as that quest and the quest "The Circle of Water" are solved you will finish this task successfully, too.
32 Cavalorn's old hut When you meet Cavalorn the first time he asks you where you want to go. If you tell him that you want to return into the Valley of the Mines he'll ask you to look for his old hut. There you will find a pocket with a lump of ore inside. Give it back to Cavalorn and the quest is finished.
33 Cavalorn's bandits Cavalorn tells you about some bandits who attacked him. They are in a cave not far away. Just follow Cavalorn and watch him killing the bandits.
34 The bandits' weapons trader Vatras gives you this quest when you are talking to him the first time. A trader from the upper quarter sells weapons to the bandits. You have to find out who that guy is and tell Martin in the harbor about him. Vatras gives you an 'amulet of the seeking wisp' if you ask him again for the weapon trader.
You need an epee from the bandits, the confession and a hand written letter of the trader. Now you can convince Martin that trader is guilty..
You can find the epee at the bandits, you get the confession from Fernando and you can find the letter at the bandit's camp in the forest behind Sekob's farm.
35 The missing people Lately people are disappearing mysteriously. You ought to find out whereto and why they disappeared. Hints for that quest you may get from the fisherman Farim, the fishmonger Halvor as well as from the pirate Skip.
But the most important hint you will find in Dexter's inventory. He is the boss of a group of bandits and lives aloft in a bandit's camp in a hut south of Onar's farm. After climbing the hill you have to kill Dexter and read the letter from his inventory. Then go to Vatras for finishing this quest.
36 Where are the missing people? This quest parallels to the quest "The missing people" and is finished after you have read Dexter's letter and told Vatras about its content. The following quest is "Raven's slaves"
37 Relief for Lares To ensure that Lares will go with you to the tavern or to the water mages you have to find an relief for him. To find one, wear the aquamarine ring and go to the market place where you talk to Baltram. As soon as he recognize the ring, he will promise to take care of finding a relief.
38 The teleport stones In the digging site of the watermages, you'll find a strange teleport stone. Talk to Merdarion about it and he will give you the task to check out whether the teleport is safe or not.
Try out all three teleport stones and report back to Merdarion. The teleport stone near Orlan's tavern is behind a locked door. Talk to Orlan and if you are a member of the ring, he will give you the key.
39 Stone tablets Myxir, one of the water mages, tells you about strange stone tablets that the inhabitants of Jhakendar used the eternalized their knowledge. If you are able to read these tablets you can increase your states permanently. For being able to read them you must learn the language of the designers. Myxir and later a hermit in the addon world can teach you this language for some learning points.
Because of the new skill system in the Night of the Raven is it recommendable to use this stone tablets later in the game. At some point it will be very expensive to upgrade your skills so that you have to pay a lot of learning points for every upgrade. From this moment on the stone tablets will be very valuable.
40 Easy admission to the monastery Now in the addon there are simplified ways to enter the guilds. For that talk to Lares who gives you a hint how to easily join your favorite guild.
If you want to play the game as mage Lares refers you to Vatras. Vatars then sends you to Daron. Daron wants you to bring back a valuable statue of Innos which has been stolen by a goblin. Go to the tavern where Greg should lead you to the right cave as part of the quest "The man with the eye-patch". As soon as you have defeated the goblins you can find the missed statue in the goblin chef's inventory. If the goblins are too strong for you then lure them to Greg who waits for you in front of the cave.
Now bring the statue back to Daron. Afterwards you are allowed to join the convent of the fire mages without having to donate a sheep and 1000 gold pieces.
41 The simple way to the mercenary To get help with joinig the mercenary, talk with Cord, he is busy with sword-training in the back of Onar's Hof. He finish Torlof's test for you but asks you for a favour in return. He wants you to go to dexter's camp and look out for an acquaintance of Cord. He gives you the name of Dexter. Now you can easily go to the bandits and talk with Dexter. Report back to Cord and tell him what you heard from Dexter.
42 The simple way to the militia To join easily to the militia, talk with Martin in the dock area. He asks you to guard his boxes at night. Now wait next to the boxes until you can see a member of the milita who searches through the boxes. Talk to him, then reveal the identity of the thief to Martin. In return, you receive a letter of recommendation from Martin. Show the letter to Lord Andre and he will admit you into the militia.
43 Joe Betram, one of the merchants on the marketplace tells you about a certain Joe who showed his face every day but has disappeared some time ago. However, Joe does not belong to other missing people. Instead he is sitting in one of locked tower and waits for someone to free him. Get the needed key from Peck, either by pick pocketing or by knocking him down. But make sure that he is alone.
Open the locked of the tower to complete the quest.
44 Bromor's golden bowl Bromor, the owner of the Red Lantern is reporting on Lucia, one of this girls. She is missing, probably run away with the apprentice of Thorben. She took a golden bowl which Bromor would like to have back. Search for the bowl in the bandits' camp near Sekob's farm and bring it back to Bromor.
45 The power of the focus stones If you talk to Merdarion in the Jhakendar, he will show you some strange teleporter stones. After a short conversation, he will give you a focus stone that you can use to activate teleporters. After each activation, return to Merdarion to get a new focus stone. Turn on all five stones to complete this quest.
46 Raven's slaves After you told Saturas what happened to the disappeared people, he wants you to free them. To achieve this, you must first get into the bandit's camp and the goldmine. Talk there with the prisoners, particularly with Patrick, and after that kill Bloodwyn. Show his head to Thorus and he'll agree to set the prisoners free.
After that go to the guard who watches over the prisoners and tell him that you have killed Bloodwyn and Thorus ordered the release of the slaves. Afterwards you must talk again with Patrick and the captive will leave. At last, return to Saturas.
47 Relics Saturas asks you to collect five colored stone tablets that are hidden in the mansions. Go to Riordian and he will tell you the locations of the five mansions.
48 Raven Raven, the villain of the Addonworld is trying to profane a temple of Adanos in order to obtain a powerful artefact.. Saturas orders you to stop him.
Carry out all other quests to get access to the interior of the temple and kill Raven.
49 The advance party of the water mages Saturas reports on an one-man advance party that the watermages sent out to spy on the bandits. Unfortunately, they never heart from him. Walk towards the bandits' camp (only recommend if you wear the bandits' armor but it can also be done without) und search for the dead body of Lance. When you have found him, take all his belongings and return to Saturas.
50 The houses of the builder The Quest is running parallel to the quest "Relics" . Look for the mansions and find the colored stone plates hidden in them. Bring the tablets back to Saturas.
51 The Orcs in the canyon During the search for the mansions, you will notice there are a few orcs next to the house in the north of the canyon.
If you report Riordian about the orcs, he gives you the task to get rid of them.
It's recommend to kill these orcs in connection with the task "Razor hunt".
52 A bandits' armor According to Saturas' information the bandits are hostile to everybody who doesn't wear a bandits' armor. In order to gain access to the bandits' camp you first of all have to get such an armor. Reportedly one is owned by the pirates.
Talk with Alligator Jack about that and he will confirm your assumption.
Arrived at the pirates camp you get the information that the required armor is probably inside Greg's hut which is unfortunately guarded by Francis who is Greg's representative.
He owns the only key for the hut and that's why you have to get it.
Either you get it by pickpocketing, by brute force, by giving him 2000 gold or by searching Francis' balance book. With that book you are able to extort him and to acquire the key.
Inside Greg's hut you will notice quickly that there are some useful things but not the armor. The instant you leave the hut Greg is standing in front of you and gives you a couple of tasks.
After completing all tasks you can finally get your bandits' armor from Bones.
53 The power of the guardians of the dead Raven vanished in front of your eyes into the Adanos temple and locked the only entrance from the inside. To follow him you have to conjure the ghost of Quarhodron. For this purpose you receive an incantation which has to be read out loudly in front of his gravesite.
But the ghost isn't easy to convince to let you into the temple. First you have to answer five questions truthfully.
The answers are:
1. The guardians of the dead
2. The warriors' caste
3. The priests
4. The warriors' caste
5. The scholars
6. The healers.
7. You can't know this answer
Then you receive a stone tablet which has to be read out in front of the locked door.
54 Beliar's Claw As soon as you killed Raven, you can take his weapon called Beliar's Claw. Talk to Saturas about the claw to get more information.
Take a look at this page for all details.
55 The temple chambers When you talked to Quarhodron during the task "The power of the guardians of the dead" he warned you about the temple's chambers. You have to overcome three chambers full of deadly traps in order to enter the inner sanctuary alive. The colored stone tablets you collected for Saturas during the task "Stone tablets" will give you useful advices.
In the first chamber you have to find the three correct switches out of five and to press them in the right order. (first leftmost, then rightmost, then the middle)
Then you get to a room with several exits. Walk through the first exit on the right hand side. All the others are death bringing traps.
In the next room you should lit a torch. You have to find out the right way to overcome the trapdoors. The way looks similar to an 'S'. You can also use a speed potion and run exactly between the trapdoors to reach the other side without a scratch. It is important to go through the right passage then because the other ones are traps.
At the next crossways you should first walk through the right and left entrances to collect some useful items. But mind the stone guards that will awake when you enter the two rooms.
Then pass through central entrance.
The first thing you notice in the next room will be small holes in the floor. So you should stand in the centre of the room where are no holes when you talk with Rhademes. Convince him to move the right lever for you (talk about his father during the conversation). Then he will go and move a lever arbitrarily. The stings will come up but in the middle of the room you are safe. As soon as the stings disappear and the gate is opened you are able to enter the last room where Raven is already waiting for you.
56 The sunken city In this quest, Nefarius just send you to Saturas who will tell you the background of the sunken city. After that talk with highest watermage, the quest is already done.
57 Pirate's trade While you're searching for the missing people, the fisherman Farim sends you to the northern beach. Just jump into the port basin and swim to the right from there, past the entrance of the thieves' guild and head to the first beach. There you meet Skip the pirate. You hear that he and Baltram do some heavy trading. Offer him to play the errand boy for him. Later, when you talk to Baltram at the market, he doesn't wonder about your knowledge of the trade and gives you a package for Skip. For that, you have to bring him three bottles with rum from Skip.
Hint: When you keep the package at first and give it Skip in the addon world, the admission for the camp of the pirates costs 100 gold coins less.
After you give Skip the package, you get two bottles with rum you just have to give Baltram to finish the quest
58 Trouble with the militia The fisherman Farim has trouble with the militia. They take away his fishes continuously, so he hasn't enough for himself. Offer him your help, then go to Martin at the harbor. Convince him in a small talk that his help at this problem is for his own good. Then go back to Farim to complete this quest.
59 Lucia Lucia, one of Bromors prostitutes, has disappeared.. When you found and rescued Elvrich, her boyfriend (he is in a bandits' camp near the stone stairs between Onar's and Bengar's Farm), he asks you to find and free Lucia, too.
At Seko'bs Farm, you hear from Till that the bandits with the missing girl have past the house. Look behind the farm in the forest for another bandits' camp. There you will find, next to a letter from the weapon trader and Bromor's golden bowl, another letter. This letter is from Lucia and contains information about her destination. Later, you will find her in the pub of the bandits' camp in the addon world.
Bring Elvrich the letter, who will be next to Thorben after you rescued him.
60 Ambushed traders On the way between the town and the tavern, you find the trader Erol, who has been attacked by bandits. He wants you to retrieve the stolen stone tablets from the bandits. You will find the bandits on the nearby bridge. Kill all of them and bring Erol the stone tablets. As a reward, you get a strength point for free and furthermore you get an additional strength trainer and trader.
61 Relief for Vatras In the middle of the third chapter the Eye of Innos has to be charged by three mages. Vatras wants a relief who represents him in the town during his absence.
When all tasks in the addon territory are finished you will get the relief automatically.
This means that the addon has to be finished before the beginning of the fourth chapter.

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