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Like Gothic 1, Gothic 2 makes enormous demands on your hardware, too. So it's quite normal, that the game is lagging or in some extreme cases crashing on a few computers. We want to help you optimizing your pc for this game. This page is subdivided into:

1.System requirements
2.General informations
3.Guide for beginners

System requirements

Minimal configuration:
CPU: 700 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
Graphics card: 32 MB (DirectX 8.1 compatible)

When using this configuration you really have to reduce the sight to 100 % and turn off or reduce several effects. Deactivating the skyeffects is not necessary, they are not important for the performance in this configuration. In this case it's most important to reduce the sight.

Recommended configuration:
CPU: 1,2 Ghz
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics card: 64 MB (DirectX 8.1 compatible)

Supported graphics chips (according to the readme):
GeForce 256, GeForce 2 MX, GeForce 2 Go, GeForce 2 GTS, GeForce 2 Ultra, GeForce 2 Pro, Geforce 3, Geforce 4
no problems. [Treiber]

Radeon (all models)
no problems

no problems

Xabre 400
Problems with the portrayal of transparent textures and objects.

Kyro II
It's running, but flickering of textures can happen under certain circumstances.

General informations

Here are some hints for the optimization of performance, but we are not sure, if they achieve anything in your case. Every system is different and it reacts differently to changes.

Changes to Gothic 2 settings:

-> Reducing sight (it helps very much if you have not enough RAM)
-> switching colour depth to 16 Bit
-> switching off additional effects
-> switching off the music

Changes to drivers or system settings

-> enlarging the swap file
-> installing other graphics drivers
-> installing the latest drivers for your sound card
-> installing the latest version of DirectX
-> when using via chip sets, installing the latest driver
-> closing needless services and applications
-> switching off the active desktop of WinXP
-> installing service packs (Win2000)
-> switching off FSAA in the settings of the graphics card

Changes to the hardware:

-> having more RAM is very useful
-> overclocking is almost bootless and results in sporadic crashes.

Further hints and informations

- Carsten Edenfeld, the Lead Programmer of Gothic 2 wrote some hints and notes about the most frequently crashes and problems with performance. If you have problems, you should read them here (in german)

Guide for beginners

You have no ideas of new drivers or right system configurationes? Here are instructions describing the most important possibilities of optimization step by step.

coming soon ...

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