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To activate the cheat mode in Gothic II, open the character's status window, type "marvin" (without the quotation marks) und close the window. Now you are able to use all cheat codes listed below. This list of codes was created by Kermit.d.

Characters's status window

Code Result
marvin activate the cheat mode (the keys M,A,R,V,I und N may not close the window)
clock The current game time is displayed.
frate Framerate is shown.
clerks Slows down time
southpark Speeds up time
guardian Godmode
taki Refills health and mana
caipirinha Textures are no longer shown.
maitai Wiredframemode
eowyn Slow down the currently selected NPC
garfield All NPCs fatten up.
godzilla All NPCs become huge.
kingkong All NPCs become small
grommit All NPCs thin
spy Display information about the currently selected NPC
42 Turns off the cheat mode

Key cheat codes

Key Result
[F2] Open the console. See below for useful commands.
[F3] Toogle windowed mode.
[F4] Normal mode
[F5] Freeze camera
[F6] Move the camera freely
[F7] Skip ahead
[F8] Refresh health und mana
H Reduce health points
Z Run around
O Take control over currently selected NPC
K Jump ahead a little bit (also through walls)
O Take control over currently selected NPC (works with everything that is alive)
G Display information about the own character
T Display information about the currently select NPC.
Alt+P Display current position

Console commands

Command Result
cheat god Godmode
cheat full Full health und mana
goto waypoint [waypoint] Teleports the hero to the given waypoint
aigoto [waypoint] The hero walks to the given waypoint
goto camera Teleports the hero to the current position of the camera(useful in combination with F6)
goto pos [x y z] Teleports the hero to the given coordinates (Use Alt+P to find out coordinates)
kill Kill currently selected NPC
edit abilities Edit the abilities of the hero (strength, mana etc)
edit focus Similar to edit abilities but the abilities of the currently selected NPC are edited
hero export [name] Exports all details about the hero to an external file (in the Saves-directory)
hero import [name] Imports the file again.
set time [hh mm] Changes time (e.g.. "set time 12 00")
set clippingfactor Change the visibility (1 = 100%)
zfogzone Toogle fog
toogle desktop Turn off all control elements (this includes the console!)
toogle frame Display the framrate
toogle time Display the current time
toogle waynet Display all waypoints
insert [name] Insert the given item or NPC
firstperson switch the first person view (even during fights)
spawnmass [anzahl] Spawn the given number of enemies around the hero
spawnmass giga [anzahl] Spawn the given number of strong enemies around the hero

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