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Frequently asked Questions

Thanks to Doooom, Todesfrst, Sir Iwein, Nachtwanderer und Kermit.d, who have created this FAQ.

FAQ about Gothic 2

Question Answer
I am a mage and I must pay more learning points for almost everything. Is that normal? Yes, it is. As a mage it costs 2 learning points to increase these skills one point: strength, one hand, two hands, bow, crossbow or dexterity. On the other hand, mana costs only one learning point.
I improved one hand to 30%, but when I want to increase it more, I suddenly have to pay 2 learning points. Is that normal? Yes, also this is normal. As long as one hand and two hand are not on the same level (amateur, fighter or master), you must increase it simultaneously and out of this reason it costs 2 learning points. The same rule is valid by bow and crossbow.
I am searching for the bandits, who mugged Hakon. Where can I find them? Go to the stairs in front of Akill's farm and follow the path to the left directing to the lighthouse. When you follow this path into the forest, you will find a cave to the left, where the bandits are in.
I found a bandit camp and am told to tell the leader's name for allowing me to move along. What is in the camp and how can I find out the name? It is Dexter's bandit camp. You find out, when you question thoroughly the bandit at the beginning of the game and when you tell him that you also were in the barrier. In the camp itself, there's nothing really interesting. The only useful are the ore gobbets in the mines.
I want to learn lock picking, but Thorben told me that he doesn't trust me. How can I win his confidence. There are 2 possibilities: 1. You beat up Lehmar and take his book of debts, that you bring to Thorben. After this, you should use the spell "forget" on Lehmar. It is also possible to use the skill pick pocketing to get the book. 2. If you are not already citizen, get Matteo's loaned money back from Gritta and bring it back to him. After this, Thorben will trust you.
I brought Lehmar's book of debts back to Hanna and she gave me a key. What can I open with it? The key unlocks a chest of the thieve's guild located on the treasure island. To reach the island jump into the water at the harbor and swim straight forward toward the open sea. On the island is a cave with several chests in it, one is only to open with the proper key. Pay attention to the trap in the cave. You can deactivate it by using the torch at the wall as a lever.
How can I destroy the magical golem? The golem is only vulnerable to the holy hammer of the monastery. Every other weapon won't have success.
What is marked on the old map? The old map shows you a cave near the pyramid, where you can find the ring of invulnerability. It increases every protection value by 10. The ring is in a bag, which is in a chest. But attention, as soon as you've taken the bag, several stone golems awake.
Near the black troll is a cave with 2 statues and a chest in it. Where is the key to that chest? You will only get the key as a novice in the trial of fire. No other members of a guild are allowed to open the chest.
Lutero wants me to get the claws of a special snapper. Where can I find this special snapper? This snapper exists only in the second chapter near Fajeth's mine. He is only there, when you promise to help Bilgot to get out of the valley of mines. You must ask Bilgot before you kill the snappers at the mine!
Between Akill's farm and the tavern I have found a molerat cave under a bridge. There is a chest I couldn't open. Where is the key? You will only get the key, when you are a mage and when you did the quest with the snapper's claw for Lutero. In the chest is a rune stone.
Harad wants a orkish weapon from me as a demonstration of my courage. Where can I find one? There are several possibilities, the 3 easiest are these: 1. Recruit Bartok to go on hunt with him. After killing the wolves and possibly also the shadow beast, he will deal with the orkish scout. Attention: he mustn't die! 2. Another possibility is to lure an ork fighter out of the cave near the city gate and the tavern (hidden in the thicket, just before Akil's stairs where are some wolves). With a bit of patience you can lure him to Mika and the gate keepers. 3. The easiest way is to pick up the weapon from a empty cave. You just have to head to the left at Mika and you will soon come to a steep way leading to the above. Don't go up, but go along the narrow path. Behind the molerats is a cave, where an orkish weapon lies on the ground. No ork to kill!
I've got Lehmars book of depts, what can I do with it? 3 people have interests to see it. First go to Thorben and reacquire it. Then, go to Coragon and reacquire it. You won't be able to recaquire it from Hannah, so go to her at last. Coragon gives you again his special beer, Hannah gives you the key to the treasure island and Thorben will trust you after you brought him the book, if he did not already before.
I found the tears of Innos in the cellar of the monastery (5th chapter). What are they good for? First of all talk with Pyrokar about them. Only mages can drink this potion. It increases their attributes, they are healed and can sprint for a short time. If a member of another guild tries to drink the potion, he will go up in flames! Paladins are able to consecrate their sword a second time in the monastery's chapel. The tears are useless for dragon hunters.
I killed 3 out of 4 dragons but the last one is invulnerable and I can not speak to him. I possess the eye of Innos and it is loaded. What's wrong? This is a known and common bug in the 4th chapter. You can finish the 4th chapter although one dragon is still alive. Just speak to Garond and report to him that all Dragons have been killed.
Where can I learn to remove dragon blood and scales? You can learn it from Gestaht. You can find him on the way to the mountain fortress. Cross the river and kill the orks on the other side. There's the end of the fence and there you must climb up the hill. There you can find Gestath and also Gorn in the 4th chapter.
How can I get the heavy dragon hunter armor? There is no need of dragon scales. Just go into the monastery's cellar and read the almanac. Then you can buy the heavy dragon hunter armor at Bennet for a price of 20.000 gold coins. Only for the medium dragon hunter armor you need scales, namely 20 and additional 12.000 cold coins.
How to get the best weapons as a dragon hunter? You just have to read the almanac to get the knowledge to forge the Large Ore Dragon Slayer. You don't even need to have learned the forging skill.
I am now in Irdorath and killed the undead dragon, can I now back to Khorinis and solve the unfinished side quests? No, you can just go back to the ship and speak with the crew members, that's it! You can't go back to Khorinis.
One of the seekers spoke to me and now the hero isn't well. What are the consequences? Due to the curse of the seeker the hero doesn't regain mana or health points while resting. Pyrokar sells potions against the curse.
In the north is a cave with a winch. I can't use it. What do I need to do? You need molerat grease. Near the brothers on Akill's farm or in the loading compartment of the paladins' ship can you find some of it.
I'm in the 4th chapter and Gestath informed me that Wolf is able to produce crawler plat armor. Is it worth to get it? No, in the 4th chapter there are better armors. In Gothic 2, its protection value has been decreased. It offers only 55 protection against weapons and arrows. In the 2nd chapter, it would had been useful.
I am in front of the undead dragon but the eye of Innos is unloaded. Where can I find a labor water bottle. Either you visit Milten or Vatras if one of them accompanies you. Or you go to the loading compartment and look for it there.
What can I do with tools like hammers, pliers, spoons etc. and for what do I need rock crystal, brimstone etc.? You can't do anything with these tools. The stones are important for some magical runes, they have no other benefit.
I trained picking pockets and now I want to rob the judge but it does not work. Why? You need a minimal dexterity to steal from people. To rob the judge you need for example 30 dexterity.
I defeated the fire dragon Feomathar in the 4th chapter, but where is his hoard? You can find the hoard on a rock over Feomathar's location. Walk a bit back to the way you came up. Watch to your left to the mountain. There you can see (near a green-red cloud) a small cut into the rock. There you can climb up and walk to the treasures.
Does it wise for a mage to invest into combat skills - besides mana points and rune making? It surely won't hurt if you acquire 30% on your one- hand skill even if you are a mage. The best way is to get yourself a dexterity weapon like a epee, a rapier or a master's epee and to increase your dexterity with potions. You can use high dexterity to pick locks and pockets while high strength does not help you outside combat. There is no need to learn long range combat skills.
Pedro has stolen Innos' Eye. Where can I find him? You won't meet Pedro again until chapter 6. You will almost automatically come across him.
The door to the forge is locked. Where is the key to it? The nameless knight guarding the forge has the key in his inventory. You have to knock him out to get it.
I'm on the island of Irdorath and I have just killed a dragon there. But how do I get on the other side of the clough behind the dragon? To get on the other side you have to use a bow. Aim at the switches in the towers across the clough.
Which level can a character reach in best case at the end of the game? Without bug- using a level of 40- 45 is possible in the end. Without beating up all the NPCs randomly, a maximum level of 42 to 44 is possible. If you do knock out anyone you can, you'll end up with one or two levels higher.
I have transformed into a creature, how can I switch back?! Just hit enter.
I am using the epee, the rapier or the master's epee which requires dexterity instead of strength. Which ability will be added to the damage of critical strikes, strength or dexterity? In case of a critical strike as with all swords strength will be added.
I am a soldier in the militia. Xardas won't accompany me to the circle of the sun because I'm not strong enough. How can I make him escort me? You have to be a paladin to convince Xardas. Therefore you have to free Bennet from prison, then Lord Hagen will promote you and you'll receive a better armor.
Karras wants to create an amulet of protection for me as a mage, but he needs a special stone to do so. Where can I find it? You will find the stone of blessed earth for example at the Innos' shrine nearby Lobart's farm. There is also one at the shrine near the black troll. But you can have it only once a game.
I was in the hidden library underneath the monastery, but I still don't have the option to hire people for the trip to Irdorath. What do I have to do? There is a nautical map in the hidden library. Once you have looked at it, you can hire a crew.
How can I open the chest in the camp near the southern gate or the chest between the houses in the castle? Regardless of your guild, you can't open these chests during the entire game.
How do I apply the pickpocketing ability? Once you have acquired this skill you have to talk to the NPCs. You will find an option for pick pocketing in the dialog menu. The more dexterity you have, the more individuals you can steal from.
Is it any good to use Luteros' books to get a weapon skill over 100%? No, there is no sense in it because at a weapon skill of 100%, any hit is already a full strike. So you should better read these books when you have 95%.
When should I go to the valley of mines? When you have reached level 10. Then you can dare going there.
I can't get by the Orcs at the mine pass. What do I have to do? Once you have passed the gate, there is a path on the left hand side of the bend. It leads through a tunnel and up over a stone bridge. At the very end there is a mine leading directly into the valley of mines.
Do I have to learn "remove heart" to reload the Eye of Innos? No, you can also remove a dragon's heart if you haven't mastered this skill.
Do I have to be able to extract claws to get the pack leader's claws? No, you will get these claws without having this skill.
Which one of these skills should I rather learn- the one- hand or the two- hand skill? This is up to you. One-handed weapons are much faster but won't do as much damage. It's the other way round with the two-handed weapons. So these two skills are quite equal.
Should I rather learn the bow- or the crossbow- ability? Just like you wish. The bow is mush faster, does less damage but you can acquire the 90% level faster. The crossbow is stronger, but you can't get over a 60% level until chapter 6.
Where can I find Bosper's bow and Coragons' silver? You will find both lying in a chest in the canalization. When you enter from the dock, you have to turn into the left corridor then into a dark room. The combination for the chest is RRLLR.
Where should I do my apprenticeship in town? The best apprenticeship is at Bosper's place, because you'll get a fair price for the skins and unlike forging it won't take too much time. And you should better use the mushrooms you could sell to Constantino yourself. You can learn alchemy without being his apprentice anyway.
Where are the treasures of the thieves' guild? You will find them on a little island off shore from the city. You can swim there. But you should get the keys for the chests first. There are two individuals keeping one, Cassia and Hanna. You will get Cassias key only when you knock her out. You'll get Hanna's key if you give the debts book from Lehmar to her or if you buy her map back from Brahim. On the treasure island you will find a cave behind some bushes near a herd of lizards. There is a torch at the wall that you have to pull in order to disable a dangerous thorn trap.
What can I do with the old coins? You can take them to Wasili at Onar's farm. He will buy them after some negotiation for 2 gold and 10 experience points a piece.
How can I open the fence in Xardas' tower? There is a secret switch near the chimney that opens the fence.
I have been to Sylvestros' mine on Garond's command, but they are all dead there. Is this supposed to be like that? Yes that's the way it should be. You have to go to Diego to receive the information on this mine. He is in a little valley on the way back to the castle. There are two dead paladins lying in front of it.
What about these wisps? How can I defeat them? The wisps are regular opponents, who disturb some of your fights. You can kill the with a sword if you hit them. Magic or bows won't help. You will get 60 experience points if you manage to kill them.
I am a paladin but my holy arrows don't damage my opponents. Why ? The holy arrow only works against Beliar's servants like Orcs, Saurion People or Skeletons. This rune won't do any harm to animals.
I am a mercenary and I want to get my pay. But Onar only deducts gold instead of giving me any. Is this normal? This seems to be a bug which everybody seems to have. You never receive any gold, you only get it deducted.
Who has the keys to the towers of Khorinis? The militia soldiers in the city have got the keys: Peck, Ruga, Rangar, Pablo and Wambo. You can get the keys by pick pocketing or by knocking them out. The sixth key lies around in the barracks.
I can't find Angar at the stonehenge. Where is he? If he's not at the stonehenge, he is either dead or lost. Just look for him at Bengars' farm in the 5th chapter. He will be there loitering around.
I am a mage and I need a blank rune stone. Where do I get these? You can buy them from Gorax. He will have new ones in every chapter. You can also get them as a reward for quests, e.g. from Lutero or a from digger near the cave at the waterfalls. You can buy them from Lutero later, too.
Oric in the castle wants me to kill Hosh Pak. Where do I find him?/ Feros is missing his sword. Where is it? Hosh Pak is situated on the hill near the bend in the river. Just go to the right hand side from the orc- ram. After meeting a couple of orcs you will arrive at the hill. That's where you find Hash Pal. On this very hill you will also find Feros' sword lying next to a hut.
Where do I find Diego in the valley of mines? Diego is located in a cavern which you can reach best by walking into the orc region straight from the main gate. There are many orcs though. You can avoid them by passing Hosh Pak's hill and cross the pack of wolves. Then you only have to deal with rather easy opponents like wargs, blood flies and snappers.
Which is the best ring and the best amulet? This is surely a matter of taste, but there are a couple of outstanding items. The invincibility ring adds 10% to all values. You will find it in a little leather bag in the cave near the pyramids guarded by stone golems. Another good item is the ring of indomitability which you can get from Lutero as a reward for bringing him a couple of special snapper claws. The best amulet would be "Divine Aura of Innos". It will add 20 % to all values but you are only able to get it from Pyrokar during the 5th chapter if you are a mage. Furthermore there is the amulet of power. You will get is as a paladin for purify the shrines. It adds 10 to both strength and dexterity. Then there is the amulet of force which will add 15 to strength. You can find it in the canalization behind the closed door. Jesper keeps the key to it. Last but not least there is the amulet of dexterity which adds 15 to dexterity. Dar will give it to for bringing him an Orc ring.

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