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Similar to part one, magic in Gothic II is cast using runes. However, only the firemage is able to learn the six circles of magic. The paladin gets special runes that allow him to heal himself or inflict huge damage. Dragon hunters aren't able to obtain runes at all and have to use scrolls if they want to cast magic. The only exception are teleport runes that may be used by members of all guilds without any restrictions.

Another difference to part one is that mages have to create their runes instead of buying them from a merchant. A mage can only create the rune for spells he learned. Furthermore, a blank rune stone, a scroll of the desired spell and special ingredients are needed.

List of all spells

Name/Image Teacher Circle Mana Effect Value (Gold) Ingredient(s)
Fire Arrow
Hyglas First 6 30 damage 500 Sulfur
Small Lightning
Marduk First 6 30 damage 500 Rock crystal
Create Goblin Skeleton
Karras First 30 Goblin Skeleton appears 500 Bone of a goblin
Parlan First 1 Light for five minutes 500 Gold coin
Heal Light Wounds
Parlan First 5 Heals 100 health 500 Healing herb
Hyglas Second 10 60 damage 1000 Pitch
Ice Arrow
Marduk Second 7 40 damage 1000 Glacier quartz
Summon Wolf
Karras Second 30 A wolf appears 1000 Wolf Skin
Wind Fist
Parlan Second 50(max) 60 damage(max) 1000 Coal
Parlan Second 10 human opponent falls asleep (does not work on everyone) 1000 Swampweed
Heal medium wounds
Parlan Third 7 Heals 200 health 1500 Healing herb
Small Fire Storm
Hyglas Third 20 60 damage 1500 Pitch, Sulfur
Parlan Third 15 Opponent flees (most of the time) 1500 Black Pearl
Ice Block
Marduk Third 20 A single opponent is frozen and take two damage/second. 1500 Glacier quartz, Aquamarine
Create Skeleton
Karras Third 30 A skeleton appears 1500 Bone of a skeleton
Ball Lightning
Marduk Third 60 (max) 180 (max) damage 1500 Rock Crystal, Sulfur
Large Fireball

Hyglas Fourth 75 (max) 300 (max) damage 2000 Pitch, Sulfur
Marduk Fourth 20 120 damage 2000 Rock Crystal, Glacier Quartz
Awaken Golem
Karras Fourth 30 A golem appears 2000 Heart of a Stone Golem
Destroy Undead
Parlan Fourth 40 1000 damage against undead 2000 Holy Water
Ice Wave
Marduk Fifth 60 all opponents in the immediate vicinity are frozen and take two damage/sec. 2500 Glacier Quartz, Aquamarine
Large Fire Storm
Hyglas Fifth 125 (max) 300 (max) damage 2500 Sulfur, Fire Tongue
Summon Demon
Karras Fifth 50 A demon appears 2500 Heart of a Demon
Heal Heavy Wounds
Parlan Fifth 15 Heals 400 health 2500 Healing Root
Rain of Fire
Hyglas/Pyrokar Sixth 60 300 damage 3000 Pitch, Sulfur, Tongue of Fire
Breath of Death
Pyrokar Sixth 50 500 damage 3000 Coal, black pearl
Wave of Death
Pyrokar Sixth 150 400 damage 3000 Bone of a Skeleton, Black Pearl
Army of Darkness
Karras Sixth 60 Five skeletons appear 3000 Bone of a Skeleton, Black Pearl, Heart of a Stone Golem, Heart of a Demon
Shrink Monster
Pyrokar Sixth 100 non-human enemies are shrunken. They flee and their strength, health points and protection values are reduced to one tenth. 3000 Bone of a Goblin, Troll Tusk
Holy Arrow
- 6. 50 300 damage 3000 Holy Water

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