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As described in the Console-Section you are able to teleport easily to any desired location in Gothic by using the Console. In order to do that, just activate the Cheat-Mode(check the Cheats Section) and enter the name of the desired waypoint.

Schlauer Hamster made a list of the most important Waypoints available to us

Waypoints Khorinis Location
START Beginning Of The Game (Xardas Tower)
XARDAS In Front Of Xardas Tower
TAVERNE The Tavern
KLOSTER In Front Of The Monastery
ALTAR In Front Of The Monastery Church
HAFEN Harbor District
CITY1 Southern City Gate
CITY2 Eastern City Gate
MARKT Marketplace Of The Harbor City
KASERNE The Barracks (At Ruga)
SHIP Ship Of The Paladins
NW_WAITFOR_SHIP_01 In Front Of The Ship
BIGFARM Onar’s Farm
BIGMILL Southern Border Of Onar’s Fields
BIGCROSS Crossroads Between Onar’s Fields
FARM1 Lobard’s Farm
FARM2 Akil’s Farm
FARM3 Bengar’s Farm
FARM4 Sekob’s Farm
CRYPT Crypt At Onar’s Farm
LESTER Lester’s Camp In The Valley Close To Xardas
SAGITTA Sagitta’s Cave
LIGHTHOUSE To The Lighthouse
CASTLEMINE Dexter’s Camp
RITUAL Location of the Ritual (Circle Of The Sun)
FOREST Northern Forest
TROLL Black Troll
MAGECAVE Cave Of The Test Of Fire
STONES Stonehenge
LEVELCHANGE In Front Of The Gate To The Valley Of Mines Pass
NW_LITTLESTONEHENDGE Stonehenge At Lobard’s Farm
NW_BIGFARM_HUT_01 Buster’s Hut
NW_PASS_GATE_02 Behind The Gate To The Valley Of Mines Pass
NW_PAL_SECRETCHAMBER Secret Chamber At The Monastery

Waypoints Valley of Mines Location
START Exit Of The Secret Way Through The Mines
CAVALORN Decayed Hut Close To The Entry Into The Swamp
NEWMINE Fajeths Mine
VORPOSTEN Dragonhunter Cave
SWAMPDRAGON To The Swamp Dragon
ROCKDRAGON To The Rock Dragon
FIREDRAGON To The Cave Of The Fire Dragon
ICEDRAGON To The Cave Of The Ice Dragon
OW_SPAWN_BRUDER First Meeting With The Dragon Hunters
OW_STAND_JERGAN Position Of Jergan
OW_HOSHPAK_01 Hosh-Pak
OC_MAGE_CENTER Castle, Pentacle Inside The Old House Of The Firemages
OC_EBR_HALL_CENTER In The Center Of The Throne Hall Inside The Castle
OC_COUNT_01 The Supplier Engor
OC_MAGE_LAB_ALCHEMY Milten’s Alchemy Lab Inside The Old House Of The Firemages
DT Ancient Demon Tower

Waypoints Irdorath Location
UNDEADDRAGON Undead Dragon (End Boss)
DI_ORKOBERST Orc Colonel’s Room
DI_ARCHOL Shadowlord Archol

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