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To activate the cheat mode in Gothic II, open the character status screen and type in "marvin" (without quotation marks). Now the well-known console is available. To find out how to use the insert-command, please take a look at the cheat section. The following tables of insert codes were created by Fizzban. The description of the items are in German for the time being but we hope that the list is still of some use for you.

[Amulets] - [Container] - [Torches] - [Ranged weapons] - [Mission items Chapter 1] - [Mission items Chapter 2] - [Mission items Chapter 3] - [Mission items Chapter 4] - [Mission items Chapter 5] - [Mission items Chapter 6] - [Nahkampfwaffen] - [Food] - [Plants] - [Rings] - [Armors] - [Runes] - [Keys] - [Scrolls] - [Written things] - [Miscellaneous] - [Animal trophies] - [Potions]

[to the insert codes of the add-on]

Animal trophies

Befehl Item
ItAt_Addon_BCKopf Kopf (Kopf der Fangheuschrecke)
ItAt_Meatbugflesh Wanzenfleisch
ItAt_SheepFur Schafsfell
ItAt_WolfFur Wolfsfell
ItAt_BugMandibles Feldräuberzangen
ItAt_Claw Krallen
ItAt_LurkerClaw Lurker Klaue
ItAt_Teeth Zähne
ItAt_CrawlerMandibles Minecrawlerzangen
ItAt_Wing Flügel
ItAt_Sting Stachel
itat_LurkerSkin Reptilienhaut (Die Haut eines Reptils)
ItAt_WargFur Wargfell
ItAt_Addon_KeilerFur Keilerfell
ItAt_DrgSnapperHorn Horn eines DrachenSnappers
ItAt_CrawlerPlate Minecrawler Panzerplatten
ItAt_ShadowFur Fell eines Schattenläufers
ItAt_SharkSkin Haut eines Sumpfhais
ItAt_TrollFur Trollfell
ItAt_TrollBlackFur Fell eines schwarzen Trolls
ItAt_WaranFiretongue Flammenzunge
ItAt_ShadowHorn Horn eines Schattenläufers
ItAt_SharkTeeth Zähne eines Sumpfhais
ItAt_TrollTooth Trollhauer
ItAt_StoneGolemHeart Herz eines Steingolems
ItAt_FireGolemHeart Herz eines Feuergolems
ItAt_IceGolemHeart Herz eines Eisgolems
ItAt_GoblinBone Knochen eines Goblins
ItAt_SkeletonBone Knochen eines Skeletts
ItAt_DemonHeart Herz eines Dämonen
ItAt_UndeadDragonSoulStone Seelenstein des Untoten Drachens
ItAt_IcedragonHeart Herz eines Eisdrachen
ItAt_RockdragonHeart Herz eines Felsdrachen
ItAt_SwampdragonHeart Herz eines Sumpfdrachens
ItAt_FiredragonHeart Herz eines Feuerdrachen
ItAt_DragonBlood Drachenblut
ItAt_DragonScale Drachenschuppen

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