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To activate the cheat mode in Gothic II, open the character status screen and type in "marvin" (without quotation marks). Now the well-known console is available. To find out how to use the insert-command, please take a look at the cheat section. The following tables of insert codes were created by Fizzban. The description of the items are in German for the time being but we hope that the list is still of some use for you.

[Amulets] - [Container] - [Torches] - [Ranged weapons] - [Mission items Chapter 1] - [Mission items Chapter 2] - [Mission items Chapter 3] - [Mission items Chapter 4] - [Mission items Chapter 5] - [Mission items Chapter 6] - [Nahkampfwaffen] - [Food] - [Plants] - [Rings] - [Armors] - [Runes] - [Keys] - [Scrolls] - [Written things] - [Miscellaneous] - [Animal trophies] - [Potions]

[to the insert codes of the add-on]


Befehl Item
ItMi_Stomper Krautstampfer
ItMi_RuneBlank Runenstein
ItMi_Pliers Zange
ItMi_Flask Laborwasserflasche
ItMi_Hammer Hammer
ItMi_Scoop Kochlöffel
ItMi_Pan Pfanne
ItMi_PanFull Pfanne
ItMi_Saw Säge
ItMiSwordraw Rohstahl
ItMiSwordrawhot Glühender Stahl
ItMiSwordbladehot Glühende Klinge
ItMiSwordblade Klinge
ItMi_Broom Besen
ItMi_Lute Laute
ItMi_Brush Bürste
ItMi_Joint Ein Stengel Sumpfkraut
ItMi_Alarmhorn Horn
ItMi_Packet Päckchen
ItMi_Pocket Lederbeutel
ItMi_Nugget Erzbrocken
ItMi_Gold Gold
ItMi_OldCoin Alte Münze
ItMi_GoldCandleHolder Goldener Kerzenständer
ItMi_GoldNecklace Goldene Halskette
ItMi_SilverRing Silberner Ring
ItMi_SilverCup Silberkelch
ItMi_SilverPlate Silberteller
ItMi_GoldPlate Goldener Teller
ItMi_GoldCup Goldener Kelch
ItMi_BloodCup_MIS Blutkelch (Ein Blutkelch)
ItMi_GoldRing Goldener Ring
ItMi_SilverChalice Silberne Schale
ItMi_JeweleryChest Juwelen Schatulle
ItMi_GoldChalice Goldene Schale
ItMi_GoldChest Schatulle
ItMi_InnosStatue Innos Statue
ItMi_Sextant Sextant
ItMi_SilverCandleHolder Silberner Kerzenständer
ItMi_SilverNecklace Silberkette
ItMi_Sulfur Schwefel
ItMi_Quartz Gletscher Quartz
ItMi_Pitch Pech
ItMi_Rockcrystal Bergkristall
ItMi_Aquamarine Aquamarin
ItMi_HolyWater Geweihtes Wasser
ItMi_Coal Kohle
ItMi_DarkPearl Schwarze Perle
ItMi_ApfelTabak Apfel Tabak
ItMi_PilzTabak Pilz Tabak
ItMi_DoppelTabak Doppelter Apfel
ItMi_Honigtabak Honig Tabak
ItMi_SumpfTabak Krautabak

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