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To activate the cheat mode in Gothic II, open the character status screen and type in "marvin" (without quotation marks). Now the well-known console is available. To find out how to use the insert-command, please take a look at the cheat section. The following tables of insert codes were created by Fizzban. The description of the items are in German for the time being but we hope that the list is still of some use for you.

[Amulets] - [Container] - [Torches] - [Ranged weapons] - [Mission items Chapter 1] - [Mission items Chapter 2] - [Mission items Chapter 3] - [Mission items Chapter 4] - [Mission items Chapter 5] - [Mission items Chapter 6] - [Nahkampfwaffen] - [Food] - [Plants] - [Rings] - [Armors] - [Runes] - [Keys] - [Scrolls] - [Written things] - [Miscellaneous] - [Animal trophies] - [Potions]

[to the insert codes of the add-on]


Befehl Item
ItSc_PalLight Spruchrolle (Heiliges Licht)
ItSc_PalLightHeal Spruchrolle (Kleine Wundheilung)
ItSc_PalHolyBolt Spruchrolle (Heiliger Pfeil)
ItSc_PalMediumHeal Spruchrolle (Mittlere Wundheilung)
ItSc_PalRepelEvil Spruchrolle (Böses vertreiben)
ItSc_PalFullHeal Spruchrolle (Grosse Wundheilung)
ItSc_PalDestroyEvil Spruchrolle (Böses vernichten)
ItSc_Light Spruchrolle (Licht)
ItSc_Firebolt Spruchrolle (Feuerpfeil)
ItSc_Icebolt Spruchrolle (Eispfeil)
ItSc_LightHeal Spruchrolle (Leichte Wunden heilen)
ItSc_SumGobSkel Spruchrolle (Goblin Skelett erschaffen)
ItSc_InstantFireball Spruchrolle (Feuerball)
ItSc_Zap Spruchrolle (Blitz)
ItSc_SumWolf Spruchrolle (Wolf rufen)
ItSc_Windfist Spruchrolle (Windfaust)
ItSc_Sleep Spruchrolle (Schlaf)
ItSc_Charm Spruchrolle (Vergessen)
ItSc_MediumHeal Spruchrolle (Mittlere Wunden heilen)
ItSc_LightningFlash Spruchrolle (Blitzschlag)
ItSc_ChargeFireball Spruchrolle (Grosser Feuerball)
ItSc_SumSkel Spruchrolle (Skelett erschaffen)
ItSc_Fear Spruchrolle (Angst)
ItSc_IceCube Spruchrolle (Eisblock)
ItSc_ThunderBall Spruchrolle (Kugelblitz)
ItSc_SumGol Spruchrolle (Golem erwecken)
ItSc_HarmUndead Spruchrolle (Untote vernichten)
ItSc_Pyrokinesis Spruchrolle (Grosser Feuersturm)
ItSc_Firestorm Spruchrolle (Kleiner Feuersturm)
ItSc_IceWave Spruchrolle (Eiswelle)
ItSc_SumDemon Spruchrolle (Dämon beschwören)
ItSc_FullHeal Spruchrolle (Schwere Wunden heilen)
ItSc_Firerain Spruchrolle (Feuerregen)
ItSc_BreathOfDeath Spruchrolle (Todeshauch)
ItSc_MassDeath Spruchrolle (Todeswelle)
ItSc_ArmyOfDarkness Spruchrolle (Armee der Finsternis)
ItSc_Shrink Spruchrolle (Monster schrumpfen)
ItSc_TrfSheep Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Schaf)
ItSc_TrfScavenger Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Scavenger)
ItSc_TrfGiantRat Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Riesenratte)
ItSc_TrfGiantBug Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Feldräuber)
ItSc_TrfWolf Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Wolf)
ItSc_TrfWaran Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Waran)
ItSc_TrfSnapper Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Snapper)
ItSc_TrfWarg Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Warg)
ItSc_TrfFireWaran Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Feuerwaran)
ItSc_TrfLurker Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Lurker)
ItSc_TrfShadowbeast Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Schattenläufer)
ItSc_TrfDragonSnapper Spruchrolle (Verwandlung Drachensnapper)

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