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To activate the cheat mode in Gothic II, open the character status screen and type in "marvin" (without quotation marks). Now the well-known console is available. To find out how to use the insert-command, please take a look at the cheat section. The following tables of insert codes were created by Fizzban. The description of the items are in German for the time being but we hope that the list is still of some use for you.

[Amulets] - [Container] - [Torches] - [Ranged weapons] - [Mission items Chapter 1] - [Mission items Chapter 2] - [Mission items Chapter 3] - [Mission items Chapter 4] - [Mission items Chapter 5] - [Mission items Chapter 6] - [Nahkampfwaffen] - [Food] - [Plants] - [Rings] - [Armors] - [Runes] - [Keys] - [Scrolls] - [Written things] - [Miscellaneous] - [Animal trophies] - [Potions]

[to the insert codes of the add-on]

Mission items chapter 3

Befehl Item
ItMi_InnosEye_MIS Auge Innos
ItMi_InnosEye_Discharged_Mis Auge Innos (entladen)
ItMi_InnosEye_Broken_Mis Auge Innos (zerbrochen)
ItWr_PermissionToWearInnosEye_MIS Ermächtigungsschreiben (Ermächtigungsschreiben für Pyrokar)
ItWr_XardasBookForPyrokar_Mis Die Hallen von Irdorath
ItWr_CorneliusTagebuch_Mis Tagebuch (Tagebuch)
ITWR_DementorObsessionBook_MIS Almanach der Bessenen
ItWr_PyrokarsObsessionList Pyrokars magischer Brief
ItPo_HealHilda_MIS Heilung des schwarzen Fiebers
ItMw_MalethsGehstock_MIS Gehstock von Maleth
ItMi_MalethsBanditGold Ein Beutel voll Gold!
ItMi_Moleratlubric_MIS Moleratfett
ItWr_BabosLetter_MIS Brief an Babo (Brief an Babo.)
ItWr_BabosPinUp_MIS Frauenzeichnung (Ein Bild von einer nackten Frau)
ItWr_BabosDocs_MIS Ein Bündel Papiere
ItKe_IgarazChest_Mis Truhenschlüssel
ItWr_Astronomy_Mis Die göttliche Kraft der Gestirne
ItPo_HealObsession_MIS Heilung der Besessenheit
ItSe_Golemchest_Mis Lederbeutel (Ein Lederbeutel)
ItWr_ShatteredGolem_MIS sehr alte Karte
ItWr_DiegosLetter_MIS Brief von Diego (Diegos Brief an Gerbrandt.)
ItSe_DiegosTreasure_Mis Prallgefüllter Lederbeutel (Diegos alter Lederbeutel)
ItMi_UltharsHolyWater_Mis Ulthars heiliges Wasser
ItWr_MinenAnteil_Mis Erzminenanteil Khorinis
ItAm_Prot_BlackEye_Mis Seelenruf-Amulett
ItMi_KarrasBlessedStone_Mis Gestein aus gesegneter Erde
ItWr_RichterKomproBrief_MIS Auftrag des Richters
ItWr_MorgahardTip Brief
ItWr_Map_Shrine_MIS Karte der heiligen Schreine
ItWr_VinosKellergeister_Mis Der Geist des Weines

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