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To activate the cheat mode in Gothic II, open the character status screen and type in "marvin" (without quotation marks). Now the well-known console is available. To find out how to use the insert-command, please take a look at the cheat section. The following tables of insert codes were created by Fizzban. The description of the items are in German for the time being but we hope that the list is still of some use for you.

[Amulets] - [Books] - [Belts ] - [Mission item] - [Shells] - [Food] - [Armors ] - [Runes] - [Rune books] - [Keys ] - [Scrolls] - [Written things] - [Miscellaneous] - [Stone tablets] - [Potions ] - [Weapons]

[to the insert codes for Gothic II Classic]

Mission Items Addon

Befehl Item
ItWr_SaturasFirstMessage_Addon_Sealed Versiegelte Botschaft
ItWr_SaturasFirstMessage_Addon Geöffnete Botschaft
ItMi_Ornament_Addon Ornament
ItMi_Ornament_Addon_Vatras Ornament
ItWr_Map_NewWorld_Ornaments_Addon Nefarius's Karte
ItWr_Map_NewWorld_Dexter Landkarte Khorinis
ItRi_Ranger_Lares_Addon Lares' Aquamarinring
ItRi_Ranger_Addon Eigener Aquamarinring
ItRi_LanceRing Lances Aquamarinring
ItMi_PortalRing_Addon Ornamentring (Dieser Ring öffnet das Portal)
ItWr_Martin_MilizEmpfehlung_Addon Martins Empfehlungsschreiben (Empfehlungsschreiben für Lord Andre)
ItWr_RavensKidnapperMission_Addon Befehle
ItWr_Vatras_KDFEmpfehlung_Addon Vatras Empfehlungsschreiben (Vatras Empfehlungsschreiben)
ItMi_LostInnosStatue_Daron Wertvolle Innos Statue
ItWr_LuciasLoveLetter_Addon Lucias Abschiedsbrief
ItMi_Rake Hacke
ItRi_Addon_BanditTrader Gildenring (Gravierter Ring)
ItWr_Addon_BanditTrader Lieferung
ItWr_Vatras2Saturas_FindRaven Botschaft
ItWr_Vatras2Saturas_FindRaven_opened Geöffnete Botschaft
ItAm_Addon_WispDetector Erzamulett (Erzamulett des suchenden Irrlichts)
ItFo_Addon_Krokofleisch_Mission Sumpfrattenfleisch
ItRi_Addon_MorgansRing_Mission Morgans Ring
ItMi_Focus Fokusstein
ItMi_Addon_Steel_Paket Stahl - Paket
ItWr_StonePlateCommon_Addon Alte Steintafel
ItMi_Addon_Stone_01 Rote Steintafel
ItMi_Addon_Stone_05 Gelbe Steintafel
ItMi_Addon_Stone_03 Blaue Steintafel
ItMi_Addon_Stone_04 Grüne Steintafel
ItMi_Addon_Stone_02 Violette Steintafel
ItMI_Addon_Kompass_Mis Goldener Kompass
ItSE_Addon_FrancisChest Schatzkiste (Eine Schatzkiste)
ITWR_Addon_FrancisAbrechnung_Mis Heuerbuch
ITWR_Addon_GregsLogbuch_Mis Logbuch (Logbuch von Greg)
ITKE_Addon_Bloodwyn_01 Bloodwyn's Schlüssel
ITKE_Addon_Heiler Schlüssel eines Steinwächters
ItMi_TempelTorKey Steintafel des Quarhodron
ItMi_Addon_Bloodwyn_Kopf Bloodwyn's Kopf
ItWR_Addon_TreasureMap Schatzkarte
ItMi_Addon_GregsTreasureBottle_MIS Flaschenpost
itmi_erolskelch Zerkratzte silberne Schale

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