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Review @ mobilegamefaqs.com

Is this the new RPG game to play?
Ever since Zelda (and probably Dungeon Master before that), RPG games have had a certain standard to meet. Solving quests, increasing your stats and defeating the evil characters that are plaguing your land became the norm.
Unfortunately good RPG's on mobile were few and far between, but Gothic 3 has managed to at least capture some of the spirit of days gone by.

Review @ pocketgamer.co.uk

We often characterise the mobile gaming market as being somewhat casual - ready for a couple of minutes fun but little else. To that extent, Gothic 3: The Beginning is the antithesis of the likes of Bobby Carrot, Granny in Paradise and Brain Coach.
In fact, as mobile games go it's actually impressively large - over 50 levels - and reasonably graphically pretty, but, be warned, it is an role-playing game, and one that has the distinct flavour of a classic text adventure.

Review @ projectnext.eu

In a rough world, set more than 140 years prior to the first part of the "Gothic" series, it's up to you to change the fate of Myrtana. You slip into the role of young Xardas, who is visited one night by Buthomar's Ghost, servant of God Innos, himself. He asks you to find the four chosen ones to bring back the sealed magic to the island Khorinis. The evil forces simultaneously try to seize the cruel orcs, in order to attain the immense power of the banned "Magic Rune Stones"! And you, Xardas, were chosen to fend off the misery thats befalling Khorinis!


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