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Review @ computergames.ro

Gothic is an established franchise that has been charming us since 2001, when a daring and different RPG was released, a game which featured the Nameless Hero as the protagonist. But because the producers were German, Gothic was first released in its native country, while the English edition only got on the store shelves at the end of the same year.
Despite this, the new approach was a success, even if it was somewhat difficult for novices. Piranha Bytes tried something new and were rewarded for it, despite the fact that the first Gothic was not without its share of problems and had a hefty learning curve. In 2003 Gothic 2 saw the light of day, and the game was more accessible for those who werent masters of RPGs. It was followed by the Night of the Raven expansion that brought many new things to the table.

Review @ 1UP.com

The only reason that this didn't get an "F" is the original music, which is very nice. Not excellent, mind you, but very nice -- and the lone thing I latched on to for sanity while trying to review the otherwise completely putrescent Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods.

My friends, let me take you on a journey through a magical land where everything sucks. On our jaunt, the sights are ugly and outdated, the indigenous fauna's incredibly annoying, the locals have the communication skills of Chewbacca's illiterate, deaf-mute cousin, and the controls on our vehicle are archaic and unintuitive. Sounds great so far, right?

D- (bad)
Review @ IGN.com

It's a familiar story. An embattled people suffers as their land is torn apart by fierce rival factions. Just when things look most bleak, a Man with No Name comes to town and sets things right. No, not Clint Eastwood. We're talking the Nameless Hero from JoWood Productions' Gothic RPG series. Beginning in 2001, the series quickly became an RPG fan favorite. In 2006 the quality of the series took an unexpected downturn with Gothic 3, a title rife with design flaws, logistical problems and bugs.


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