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Gameplay Monthly.com

My name is Blaine Christine, I'm the Executive Producer at Aspyr Media and we are the North American publisher for Gothic 3. Gothic 3 is, quite simply, the ultimate single player RPG experience! The Gothic series is renowned for being the originator of the living, breathing world gameplay where the player's actions have a distinct impact on their surroundings and the NPCs in the game react realistically to situations created by the player. If you are a fan of deep, involving RPGs, you will love this game!


Slated to ship later this year, Gothic 3 will extend Piranha Bytes' widely acclaimed RPG series that began in 2001 with a nameless convict's arrival into these circumstances. This time, players will see the mainland, where the invading Orcs have enslaved the humans. A few remain free, so there are scattered pockets of resistance in the frozen north, the southern deserts and the forests of Midland.


Unique Elements: The unique elements of Gothic 3 are the believable world and the different solutions for the different adventures (freedom during the whole game).


The first two games in Piranha Bytes's Gothic fantasy RPG series are big hits in Europe but have only achieved a cult following in the US. That may finally change with Gothic 3 which was announced eariler this year by its publisher Jowood. Gamecloud got a chance to chat with the game's brand manager Stefan Berger to find out more about Gothic 3.

Interview with Stefan Berger @ RPGDot.com

An Interview, original by RPGDot.com, held with Stefan Berger, Brand Manager from JoWooD at Entertainment Expo 2005 in Los Angeles. RPGDot.com exists no longer, so we provide this historic interview.

Interview PC Games 01/2005

The German magazin PC Games published an interview with Michael Hoge (Mike) from Piranha Bytes in the edition of 01/2005.

Interview PC Games Hardware 06/2004

The German Magazin PC Games Hardware published an interview with Carsten Edenfeld, Oliver Hller and Kurt Pelzer from Piranha Bytes in the edition of 06/2004. With friendly permission of the PC Games' hardware editorial staff we are allowed to publish a large part (75 %) of the interview.

Mike Hoge's profile in the Gamestar

The edition of 07/2004 from the German game magazine Gamestar contained a short developer profile of Mike Hoge. With friendly permission of the Gamestar's editorial staff we are publishing this profile.

Interview PC Games 07/2004

The German magazin PC Games interviewed Kai Rosenkranz (KaiRo) and Carsten Edenfeld (Carsten) from Piranha Bytes. The interview was published in the edition of 07/2004. With friendly permission of the PC Games' editorial staff we are permitted to publish it here too.

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