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Gothic 3 is the third instalment in this series of computer role-playing games by German developer Piranha Bytes. The game is to be released on October the 13th 2006 in German and English with other language versions to follow soon.


If you haven't played one of the previous Gothics, one of the first things you'll think when you see Gothic 3 in action is "Oblivion." At least that was what was on our mind when we sat down for some hands-on time with an early build of the game. The developers at Piranha Bites and the publishers at Aspyr didn't seem to mind. In fact, they're tickled with the success of Oblivion. From where they're sitting, it's just that many more people who might enjoy Gothic 3.


2006 has been a pretty good year for fans of sprawling, nonlinear RPGs. In March, Bethesda shipped The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360, PC), the latest and greatest in its long running open-world series, and late this fall, German developer Piranha Bytes will finish up the third entry in its own RPG franchise, Gothic. The original Gothic was released in 2001 as Piranha Byte's debut game, and was followed by Gothic II in 2003. Both games were well received by gamers and critics, mainly for the huge range of possibilities offered by the open ended gameplay. With Gothic 3, Piranha Bytes plans to deliver its biggest game yet, while attempting to improve various interface and combat complaints that have been leveraged against the first two games in the series. I recently had the chance to take a look at an in-progress version of the game to see how it's shaping up, courtesy of publisher Aspyr Media's Eric Duncan and Chance Copeland.


The single-player role-playing game for the PC was seemingly in hibernation thanks to the popularity of its online cousins, as exemplified by World of Warcraft. That changed earlier this year, when The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion shipped and became a gigantic success. With the single-player RPG genre suddenly alive and vibrant, that's good news for games such as Gothic 3. It'd be inaccurate to call Gothic 3 an Oblivion clone, though. After all, it's the next chapter in a five-year-old series. Still, it's hard to not compare the two games.


Gothic III will put players back in the role of the Unnamed Hero from the first two titles, only this time, he's heading back to the mainland of Myrtanna now that he's off the prison isle and finding that the human empire has been attacked and largely enslaved by the larger and more powerful orcs. Pockets of resistance are scattered around the midlands of Myrtanna including captured paladins that can be freed to help insight rebellion. The orcs also will pursue interests in the other human lands of arid Varant to the south and frosty Nordmar in the north. If the adventure is as huge as the land it's staged in, players should be in for a healthy helping of RPG gaming.


Unlike the first two games, which took place on a small island that functioned as a penal colony, Gothic III takes place on Myrtana, the world's large mainland continent. We were told that Myrtana boasts a huge land area, at least 7.5 square miles of handcrafted landscape. It seems that things aren't really going well in Myrtana these days -- unless you're an Orc. A horde of them has invaded from the north and conquered and enslaved the human population.

Games Radar.com

We first snuck a peek at the ambitious role-player Gothic 3 at E3, but have recently received a closer look now that were away from those bustling halls. Graphically, this early version is clearly a couple of notches below the uber-visuals we've seen from RPGs like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. But the makers of Gothic 3 have balanced going for advanced graphics against playing the game on a real-world PC.


Gothic 3 aims to be an expansive RPG that improves upon its two predecessors in every way. The hallmark Gothic series is nonlinear gameplay. In that, Gothic 3 remains the same. The game is set on a much larger land mass than the previous two games. Orcs are dominating humans. People who arent enslaved have gathered into a few different groups hiding in remote locations, some attempting a resistance movement against the orcish oppressors.


To hear the guys from Aspyr tell it, the Gothic series pioneered many of the elements that modern RPGs simply couldn't live without, such as "persistent" worlds, reactive AI, and open-ended character advancement. We'll give them this much: the games have always been fun.


The chance to go to beautiful Vienna and grab a first look at Gothic 3 was as exciting as defibrillation with a full English breakfast. Vienna: a city so steeped in the arts and so filled with opulent beauty that you can barely catch a bus without writing a lovely Waltz. Gothic 3: the latest game in an unfeasibly popular (on the continent at least) series of free-form role-players. Being released in the wake of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, however, can Gothic hold even a +1 candle of flickering to Bethesda's might?


Gothic 3 is probably the game I'm most excited to see at E3, before E3. Of course, with these trade shows there's really no knowing what you'd walk away with.


As you may know, a couple of months ago Loaded Inc was invited to Vienna for a presentation by the game developers Piranha Bites and 4head Studios. Our intrepid reporter had a rather 'unique' experience on the trip and if you haven't already read about it you can do so here. The trip wasnt just about the free food, promotional freebies and copious amounts of alcohol though; there was a genuine reason for being in Austria for those couple of days and that was to get a sneak preview at the latest in the Gothic series of games, Gothic 3.


FiringSquad was also treated to a brief demo of Gothic III, the third game in the acclaimed fantasy RPG series from developer Piranha Bytes. The first two games were known for thei open-ended gameplay and the third will be no exception. The big difference is that in the first two games you fought on the Khorinis island against the bad guys. Gothic III takes place in the fantasy world's mainland where a huge orc invasion is commencing.


If you kill someone in this game, it's because you want to. That's right, night owls and early risers in Gothic 3, when you fell a foe they're simply knocked to the ground or fallen. Like characters in console RPGs, your enemies aren't dead at the end of a combat, just down. It's up to you to decide to walk away or to finish them off with a kill stroke. The Gothic series has always reached for the stars when it comes to giving its players the freedom to act. In its third iteration, Gothic will hopefully be a series that can deliver on its dreams.


While E3 will apparently really be the blowout for Gothic III, Aspyr, the North American publisher of the PC RPG, was in San Jose for GDC to show off how the game has progressed.


Big hits in Germany but busts beyond, the Gothic RPGs slipped under the radar Stateside. Sporting grizzled graphics and a lousy interface, the first two were tough-love treks for the dedicated and diehard alone.


In Gothic 3 gamers get to discover a whole new world. The first two games took place on an island, isolated from the mainland. Players had the freedom to go anywhere they pleased, complete any quest they wanted and join any faction they wanted.

Preview Gamespot 05/2005

The article is based on the E3 presentation of G3 and gives you a short overview about all available information.

Preview Gamespy 05/2005

Gamespy wrote a detailed article with focus on the environment and the conditions at the beginning of the game.

Preview IGN 05/2005

This E3 preview tells you something about the shown pre-alpha and especially about the combat system (compared with G2).

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