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Interview with the Community Patch Team @ WoG.com

To honour the excellent work the team has been doing, WoG decided to put them in the spotlight with an elaborate interview. The interview first appeared on the german WoG site and has now been translated, so that the english-speaking part of the Community can finally get a good idea of what it is like to be a member of this team, and how they have been fighting like true Gothic fanatics for a long time to lift Gothic 3 to a completely new level..

Release Content Interview

Well, after you recovered a little bit from our last interview, lets continue with this "painful questioning":

Lets talk about some things, only a publisher can answer to

Copy Protection Interview

This time two members of our players-network went out and made an easter-interview at its best - with lots of news about Gothic 3. Meditate and Don Esteban talked with Gothic 3 Producer Stefan Berger and Community Manager Johann "Ivan Ertlov" Ertl from JoWooD and they didnt let them go away before both ot them had given away even the last bit of information...

Christmas Interview 2005

The yearly christmas interview with Kai Rosenkranz. Topic is of course Gothic 3 this time.

Gothic3 soundtrack

All information about the Gothic 3 soundtrack.

Mike Hoge about gameplay

Before the orchestra recordings WoG had the chance to talk with Mike Hoge about the gameplay, skills and the various perks in Gothic 3.

Second JoWood interview

Another interview with JoWood. This time, we wanted to learn more about JoWood's international strategy for Gothic 3.

First JoWood interview

Our first interview with JoWood.


Just in time for Christmas, we ambushed the Piranhas to do an interview. Facing the lovely Christmas angel and reporter Meditate, they weren't able to slam the door into our face. So we did it again. Here's your Christmas interview.

Visit in Bremen

Mike Hoge from Piranha Bytes made a speech in the public library of Bremen (Germany) about the development of games in general and Gothic III in particular.

First Gothic 3-interview

Briberies, surveillance cameras, agents and Romeos weren't successful, but Meditate could finally make it with endless patience. We were able to gather some news from the Piranhas and even to filch a picture out of the paper bin in an unseen moment.
We enjoy presenting this interview to the Gothic fans out there.

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