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Frequently asked Questions

Question Answer
Can you visit Khorinis again in Gothic 3? No, you cannot. Gothic 3 is settled on the continent Myrthana, the mainland we sometimes heard about in Gothic 1 and 2, you will discover an entire new world.
What does the countryside look like? There are three distinctly different looking zones in Gothic 3. The Middle Lands, where the game begins, are similar designed like Khorinis. You will find trees, green pastures, forests and lakes. South of it lies the big desert of Varant where the Assassins live. The last territory is the mountainous and snowy Nordmar, which is cold and dangerous.
Can you visit the Southern Islands? No, not yet. Maybe in a future add-on. Who knows?
Will you meet NPCs from Gothic 1 or 2? Yes, of course. There are some important characters from previous parts of the Gothic series, who have been integrated in the plot of Gothic 3.
It was said in an interview that the relevance of guilds will be decreased in Gothic 3. What exactly does it mean? The difference is that you won't join guilds any more. There is no entry in your character screen which would bind you to a certain group. The new system is based on your reputation with different groups in various locations. Depending on your standing with them, the groups will welcome you or more or less detest you.
Are there other consequences resulting from the new system? Yes. The number of obligatory dialogues, which are to be held with certain NPCs in order to advance the plot, has been reduced considerably.
Is it possible to explore the world without restrictions? Yes, you are free to discover every part of the continent at the time you want. There are no instances like the "Valley of the Mines" or "Jharkendar", which were accessible only if it was intended by the plot. But the strength of monsters and enemies may be a natural barrier for weaker characters.
Are there changes in the AI for NPCs or monsters? Yes and no. NPCs got a set of actions which they are free to do within their normal course of life. According to official statements, this is another system than before but the visible effects do not seem to be very different. Really new is that NPCs who joined your party won't attack any monster in reach themselves. In some cases enemies aren't able to attack because the player stands behind an obstacle, although it would be possible to circumvent it. One innovation are animals who don't attack the player on sight if he isn't charging them himself. Those animals appear in flocks, which means the player has to fight the whole group if he attacks.
Is the inventory limited this time? No, again the player may carry as many items as he likes.
Has the inventory's usability been improved? Yes, a lot. Now you have different categories for weapons, potions, magic and scrolls in which the items are organized. It is also possible to rearrange the order of items within a category. The new inventory is much handier due to the quick access bar you may use during the game.
Is the hero as weak as in Gothic 1 and 2 when starting the game? No. This time the hero is already equipped with some skills. He doesn't have to be afraid of losing the first battle with a scavenger and also may beat an Orc. But he isn't a superior warrior, dont expect too much.
Was motion capturing used to create the animations? Yes. The EMotion FX-Engine is responsible for realistic facial expressions.
Is stamina a part of the attributes? The concept of stamina is new to Gothic 3. It decreases during sprinting, jumping and combat actions. If exhausted, the hero may only walk or has to wait until the stamina bar is refilled.
Can I import characters from Gothic 2 into the new game? There is no feature which would allow that, so you cannot.
Does Gothic 3 have a linear storyline, like it was in the prequels? No, there are 3 different endings to the game.
What's the story about? Well, that would be too much of a spoiler, wouldn't it? ;)
How big is the world of Gothic 3? About thrice as big as the world you could visit in G2 and "Night of the Raven".
Does the game have a multi-player mode? No. Gothic still is a single-player RPG.
How many factions are there in Gothic 3? There is a total of six factions, but you can only join three of them: the Rebels, the Orc mercenaries and the Assassins. The other three are the Rangers, the Nomads and the people of Nordmar.
Are there any "professions" which can be carried on by the player? No. You might encounter situations in which you have to be accepted by a certain group in order to gain access to specific places and you can earn reputation by fighting in the cities' arenas, but you will never have a real "job".
How do you travel over long distances, considering the fact that the world in Gothic 3 is much larger than in the prequels? Luckily, there is a teleport system in Gothic 3, too. You will find teleport stones in every city, so you won't have to run from one end of the world to the other.
Are there important changes in the weapon system? There are more types of weapons: swords, axes, bows, crossbows, spears, hellebardes and so on. The differences go one step further: the "swords" group has subdivisions like "light weapons" such as Assassin knives or "heavy weapons" such as Orc blades.
How do the three different levels of difficulty work out? First of all, the enemies are stronger on a more difficult level and the hero will also be more susceptible to unfavorable circumstances and damage due to knockdowns and downfall.
Will there be a "mod development kit" for Gothic 3, so that you can build your own modification with the Gothic 3 engine? Not yet, but it is planned.
Is Gothic 3 sold internationally? Yes, there is a German and an English/American version.
Is the world generated with prefabricated elements? Nope. The whole world was carefully designed by hand, so there are never two places that look alike.
What does the world look like, what about the "feeling"? The appearance of the world depends on the different regions. While most cities occupied by Orcs have a gloomy aura, "gothic" with their emaciated human slaves, the slavetraders' cities in Varant on the other hand look brighter and sport an atmosphere filled with bustling and toughness.
Can you carry a shield in combat? Yes.
Will you be able to learn exotic styles like dual-wielding swordfight? Yes, but as this is an Assassin's speciality, you will only be able to learn it in Varant.
Will you be able to ride? No, this idea was rejected early by the developers.
Did the skill system change since Gothic 2? It has been modified and refined in many ways, but it is still very straightforward.
Gothic 3 seems to spare magic. Is that true? No, you can learn spells at Innos or Beliar shrines. But as these spells have certain requirements, you have to advance to a certain point before you can learn mighty spells.
Will there be a console version of Gothic 3? We haven't heard anything about such projects yet.
What are the hardware requirements for Gothic 3? Minimum:
Windows XP/2000/XP64
1024 MB RAM
Intel Pentium 4/AMD CPU 2 GHz or similar
Direct3D compatible graphics card supporting Shader Model 1.4 and 128 MB.
4,6GB free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c (included)
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
Windows XP/2000/XP64
1536 MB RAM
Intel Pentium 4/AMD CPU 3 GHz or similar
ATI X1600, Geforce 6800 or similar
4,6GB free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c (included)
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
Who is the publisher for Gothic 3? Gothic 3 is published by JoWood and Koch Media in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Great Britain, Italy, France and the Benelux states, it is published by Koch Media. In North America, it is published by Aspyr Media.

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