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Here is a small teaser presenting a "Hero's Diary" from Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods. Each 6 parts have a screenshot and a little text on his side. Of course you can pick up some parts of the story but we will not reveal important parts of the story.

Welcome to Silden!
1. Welcome to Silden!

Having a head I woke up in Silden - the place where Anog already gave me a frigid welcome. One of his caravans picked me up in poor condition at the roadside. He just told me that Gorn is upgrading his army in Gotha to wage war against Trelis - the place where Thorus assembled all the Orcs. All of the cities and the settlements have a big headache because of those skirmishes and the upcoming war. Anog was cynical about my suggestion to unite Myrtana once and for all. They are really laying the blame on me. Now I really have to shake a leg to prove them wrong...

Much ado about Geldern
2. Much ado about Geldern

While Anog is really working his ass off and dirtying his hands for the wealth of the citizens, his brother Inog indulges himself with being a governor in Geldern. This useless guy rests although the first attacks in retaliation are aimed at his city. So be it, I still need him like every of other governors. Leading the city and the tasks from Anog are overburdening hopelessly Inog - and now I am up to care about the most important tasks. Above all the traders are the ones nagging me about thieves tormenting them, orcs attacking them and the high taxes. Many a citizen divulge that they are acheing for a strong leader or better a new king...

Marital quarrel at Faring
3. Marital quarrel at Faring

Because of a quite unusual quest I got to Faring - the city of Myrtanas merchants. Many merchants are from the southern areas. So you can buy and sell everything (Trend spotters need to have trained trolls - the special living weapon), but I don't need that now. I was hired for some kind of a troubling relationship. And I don't talk about solving the problems with some kind of chit-chat, nope I talk about killing one of the two brawlers. It always comes to the point that all is about the cash.

Warmonger Gorn?
4. Warmonger Gorn?

Finally I arrived at Gotha where Gorn not only raised an “army of volunteers” but also partly an “army of involunteers” by forced recruitment. The opinions are divided- quite a few people fled from Gotha before they are sent to the orcs as “cannon fodder”. However Gorn is claiming having good reasons for his doing- at least his spies reported him that Thorus has anything but peaceful plans for the future of his realm. I trust Gorn to a certain degree but I want proofs- or at least having talked to one of his spies by myself.

Being a friend’s guest?
5. Being a friend’s guest?

The welcome by Thorus, who sees in me a troublemaker- but obviously is sincerely interested in the peace of Myrtana, in Trelis was everthing else but friendly. However he is indirectly admitting benefitting from the attacks on the caravans: He is talking from a “pleasant increase of stocks”. Of course he wants me to do some filthy jobs but I decline with thanks. Instead I look and ask around- so distrust returns: Because obviously Thorus has chartered a blackmage, of whom even the seasoned orc warriors are afraid of. What is really going on in Trelis?

A matter of conscience
6. A matter of conscience

At the gates of Gotha I discovered a profitable job- yet still I’m hesitating to accept this order. Yes, I want to unite Myrtana and yes, the realm needs a leader, who tells them ALL what to do and to whom they ALL obey. But when I was demanded to massacre a village of libertarian people, who don’t want to bow to a throne, then this is going too far for me too. Even the huge sum I could collect for that is not able to silence the conscience. I pretend to respond to that offer and leave towards Kap Dun, where they are said to have entrenched themselves in a huge cave system…

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