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Review @ Actiontrip (US)

Timing is everything. The entertainment industry is probably one of the best examples of this old maxim. For example, well-timed movie classics such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars remain such a huge success simply because they were released in a time when people felt the need to immerse themselves in epic tales. (There was neither a plague nor a world war when they were released, so I say you are on crack, sir. - Ed) Their timely arrival shifted the focus away from noir movies and anti-heroes that had dominated the big screen. To the same extent, the success of a video game depends greatly on the launch date chosen by a particular publisher. Throughout the years, we've seen hasty releases backfire, eventually causing a great commotion amongst the gaming crowd mostly due to design flaws and shoddy programming. The publisher always strives to make the deadline in order to boost sales. Understandably, this usually downgrades the quality of the game. In many ways, this ubiquitous symptom still plagues the industry, repeatedly manifesting itself in popular PC franchises. (I have NO IDEA where this is going. Okay, I'm being sarcastic. - Ed)

Review @ Pro-G (UK)

The life of a games journalist is a strange one, especially with the advent of internet journalism and the rise of fan-boy culture. It's odd in that you can spend several months or weeks waiting for a game to come along, with information, screen shots and movies bombarded at you, then find that the game isn't anything like you expected it to be. I've seen this happen with several games; Monkey Island 4, Deus Ex 2, and a whole list of other titles that I don't have time to mention. Gothic 3 seemed destined to fall into the same category, but things didn't quite turn out like that.

Review @ StrategyInformer.com

Now how does the Gothic 3 feel gameplay wise? Great but that harmony is soon shattered to glass and then trampled on by a stampede of bulls. Its bugged, and I do mean bugged to the extent I suddenly got a craving to watch the movie Starship Troopers. Now after some investigation I soon found that problems are no stranger to the Gothic universe and the first two games were plagued as well. After some game saving surgery, or game patches, things were running fine or at least better.

It would seem then Piranha Bytes has some serious work to still be doing. Luckily some have already been released to address the immediate problems which were effectively rendering the game a joke.

7.8 of 10
Review @ computergames.ro

Gothic a name which has grown on its own in the PC market since 2001, when Piranha Bytes and Jowood Productions released the first title of what has become one of the most popular RPG series of all time. The interface caused some major headaches, the graphics werent up to par with the standards, but Gothic 1 stood out thanks to its story and unequaled, unique atmosphere. A year and a half later, in November 2002, Gothic 2 was launched, which had an incredible success all across Europe. As expected, the summer of 2003 saw the launch of an add-on, Night of the Raven, which brought a series of changes to the game, the most important of which being a new game zone, as well as increased difficulty overall, reflected in the way the character stats evolved during the game. The bad news was that in order to play Night of the Raven you had to start Gothic 2 from the very beginning, which was pretty odd for an add-on.


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