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Main story

Find out for Rhobar what Xardas is planning.
Find all the fire chalices of the Fire Mages.
Find the five artifacts of Adanos!
Liberate Myrtana!
The divine artifact of Trelis.
Open the gate to the unknown land!
For Innos!
For Beliar!
Find the robe.
Go to the portal with Xardas.
Open the gate to the unknown land!
Kill Xardas!
Fulfill Xardas's plan by the book.
Find the crown.
Find the divine ring of life!
Find the divine ring of magic!
Destroy the five artifacts of Adanos!
Kill Zuben!
Receive the power of Innos!
Seize Beliar's power!
Find Xardas!
Free the desert from the rule of the Hashishin!
Kill the orc chieftains!
Kill King Rhobar!
The scepter of Varant!
The staff of the Eternal Wanderer!
Find out for Zuben what Xardas is planning.
The fifth temple.
Throw the fire chalices into the sacred fire!
Find Zuben!
Find the king!
Find the teleporter rune that takes you to the king!
Destroy all major rebel camps.


Gorn shows you the rebels' hideout.
Jack and the bilge rats.
Kill the shy deer.
Talk to the leader of the rebels!
Liberate Ardea from the orcs!
Jack's rebel gold.
Break the last resistance of the Morras!
Liberate Faring from the orcs!
Take Ali's gift to Tom.
Sell the skin to Gnar for 500 gold coins.
Go lurker hunting with Wilson.
The hunters of Faring.
Kill the lurkers!
Ali's artifact.
Booze for Mojok
Become champion of the arena in Faring.
Kill the three trolls in the hills near Faring.
Forging in Faring.
Making booze with Tippler.
Defeat Goran in the arena.
Defeat Moff in the arena.
Defeat Spike in the arena.
Defeat Vigo in the arena.
Defeat Tukash in the arena.
Defeat Mortis in the arena.
Defeat Rozhov in the arena.
Distribute booze to the orcs.
Rocko's cave.
Bring Ur-Gosh three king's sorrel plants.
Eliminate the goblins in the ancient ruins of Faring.
Wolfskins for Gnar.
Troll hunting with Mitch.
The castle of Faring
Gembak wants to rough up Ivan, the renegade mercenary.
Golden plates for Lares.
Jared the artifact trader wants to meet Lares.
Mobilize the people in Geldern for Torn's druid stone.
The orc shaman Grok wants all the fire chalices.
Discover the secret of the druid Runak.
Find the orcs' druid search party.
Kill the druid Runak.
Kill the druid Torn.
Kill the druid hunting party from Geldern.
Gunock, the lazy orc.
Kill the leader of the southern druid search party.
Kill the unholy mercenary Ivan.
Talk to Samuel about the destroyed mine.
Open up the mine north of Geldern and kill all vermin there.
Nemrok expects a delivery of sulphur from the sulphur mine.
Nemrok expects a delivery of gold from the mines.
Find some eager slaves for the wolf mine.
Kill the tunnel wolves in the wolf mine.
Follow the particularly eager slave to the wolf mine.
Bring more eager slaves to the wolf mine.
Kill the threatening snappers outside the sulphur mine.
Bring the shaman Grimboll some sulphur.
Defeat Kulak in the arena.
Defeat Dimitar in the arena.
Defeat Gembak in the arena.
Teach Mirzo a lesson.
Bring Nemrok the artifact from the ruin in the north.
The secret of Mazin, the Hashishin merchant.
Tell the orcs about the abandoned mine in the north.
Hamil, the audacious artifact trader among the slaves.
Bring Renwik the rare plant king's sorrel.
Liberate Geldern from the orcs!
The seven ancient rings of the alchemists.
Find the first paladin's helmet.
Rebuild Gotha.
Rescue Gorn from the orcs in Gotha.
Hunting demons with Gorn.
Defeat Potros.
Free Gotha from its curse.
Cape Dun
Wenzel's lost sword.
The captured paladin's belongings.
A plague of bandits in the coastal region.
Defeat Darmok in the arena.
Lamp oil for Ardea.
Wenzel cleans up.
Help Harek escape!
Kill all the hungry wolf packs around Cape Dun.
Liberate Cape Dun!
Steal 3 golden goblets from Urkrass's warehouse.
The alchemist's chest.
Healing herbs for the alchemist.
Take Harek the slave back to Gamal.
Harek wants meat.
Bring his goods back to Urkrass.
Defeat Fadi in the arena.
The quartermaster in Cape Dun needs healing potions.
Destroy the rebel underground in Cape Dun!
Cyrus needs booze.
Bundles of weapons for Phil.
Pelts for Jens the hunter.
Eliminate the rebel positions around Montera.
Yorik needs old weapons.
Folleck is asking for it.
Make Folleck go back to work in the castle yard.
Make the tired mercenary leave the rebels' meeting point.
Let the mercenary Trano know his pay has been cut.
Get rid of the slave camp guards.
Do away with Sanford.
How loyal are the orcs' mercenaries?
Milk for the warehouse keeper.
Wheat for the warehouse keeper.
Kill the cattle in the stockyard.
A message for Okara.
Change of shift in the slave camp.
Tell Dennis that Bradley needs a new slave.
Dennis wants Bradley to go easy on the slaves.
The slave Leon is working in the temple again.
Kelvin goes back to work in the temple.
Kelvin the slave wants certainty.
Bring Marik proof that Ashton embezzles gold.
Marik wants Bradley's slave list.
Return the stolen slave list to Bradley.
Basir wants his old gold casket.
Sobota wants Dan's slave back.
Sobota wants Thorek's slave back.
Thorek wants magic ore for his smithy.
Defeat Dan in the arena.
Defeat Goose in the arena.
Defeat Fedor in the arena.
Defeat the champion Ashton in the arena.
Defeat Ugo in the arena.
Find the stray wolves and kill them.
The slave Rufus wants to go to Okara.
The grain thieves must go.
Rufus escapes from the grain farm.
Report to the leader of the orcs' mercenaries in Montera
Collect the rent for Domenik's farm.
Cowardly goblins in the night.
Porgan's druid stone.
Stoneroots for the druid Porgan.
The thieving orc patrol.
Follow Arakos to find the orc patrol.
Liberate Montera from the orcs!
Rebels stole the rent from Farmon's farm.
Hengley the farm raider.
A message for the rebel Charles.
The renegade paladin at the pass to Varant must die.
A new man for Nemora.
Cross the pass to Varant with Karlen.
Karlen the paladin shows you the desert.
Karlen the paladin wants his magic back.
Who's boss in Nemora?
Kill the three monsters north of Nemora.
Clear the orcs out of the farm west of Trelis.
Bring Russel the goods from the desert.
Weapons for Nemora.
Finley gets all set to attack Trelis.
Finley attacks Trelis.
Bring Treslott the rare plant herbaceous lobelia
Destroy the rebel camp Nemora.
A rich mine.
Malicious ripperbeasts.
Candela should go to Okara.
Randall should go to Okara.
Rakus the Fire Mage should go to Okara.
A homeless prospector.
Fraser should go to Okara.
Kent should go to Okara.
Bring Mannig some iron ore.
Okara needs more people.
Clean out the mine with Randall the fighter.
Booze for the prospector.
Rescue Rakus the Fire Mage from the cave of the undead.
Kill the undead that Rakus summoned.
Go boar hunting with Fraser.
Hunt the nasty wild boars.
Hunt the nasty shadowbeasts.
Two shadowbeast horns for Candela.
Take Okara apart!
Reddock needs a smith.
Find the rebel underground in Cape Dun.
Weapons for the rebels in Reddock.
Clean out the southern caves of Reddock.
Defeat Joey in the arena.
Defeat Copper in the arena.
Bring the Fire Mage Sebastian some healing plants.
Eliminate the orc patrol on the farm.
Get rid of the roaming orc patrol between Reddock and Ardea.
Kill the aggressive wild boars.
Defeat Topork in a duel.
Free Kliff from the orcs on the farm.
Take Kliff to Javier, the rebel leader in Reddock.
Destroy the rebel camp Reddock.
Defeat Jarock in the arena.
Defeat Trompok in the arena.
Defeat Jaroll in the arena.
The warlord Umbrak wants Anog the rebel leader dead.
Gambal the cook needs heaps of raw meat to feed the orcs in Silden.
Let Anog know that his brother Inog needs help in Silden.
Inog needs five bundles of weapons for the resistance.
Let Inog know that his brother Anog cannot help him.
Talk to the warlord Umbrak about supplies.
Kill the undercover rebel.
Rescue a Silden slave from the wilderness.
Rescue a Silden slave from the wilderness.
Rescue a Silden slave from the wilderness.
Rescue a Silden slave from the wilderness.
Rescue a Silden slave from the wilderness.
Kill the slaves who escaped from Silden.
Kill the town shaman Grompel.
Inog secretly helps slaves escape.
Supply the convict Jerek with weapons.
Supply the convict Jerek with roasted meat.
Quadir's hunt for a new slave for Silden.
A package of wild berries for Stan the fisherman.
Defeat Will.
Kadok is missing his smith's hammer.
The orcs need a smith for Silden.
Roasted meat for Frillock.
Denpok needs to know that Frillock is guarding the town now.
Kill the strange lurkers by the river.
Brontobb will stand guard in the city. Denpok needs to be told.
Denpok should be told that Irmak is guarding the town now.
Irmak's halberd is missing.
Gancka is staying in town now. Denpok needs to be told.
The wood from the prison camp must be brought to Givess in the mill.
Follow Pavel to his hunting cabin.
Go snapper hunting with Falk.
Kill snappers around Silden.
Bring Lukjan the hunter the money for the pelts.
Kill wolves around Silden.
Follow Lars to the pass to Nordmar.
Free the Nordmarian Lars from the prison camp.
Improve your reputation in Silden.
Take the fish barrels to the mill.
Take the hunters' delivery of pelts to the mill.
Liberate Silden from the orcs.
Take the orcs' shipment from Nordmar to Anog the rebel.
A delivery from Nordmar.
Hunt the silver wolves with Bram.
Grompel knows the way to the rebels at the Nordmar pass.
Tragak wants to see the town shaman Grompel in Silden.
Hatlod's lost tools.
The quest for the perfect ship.
Vak needs fifty thousand gold coins for the Hashishin.
Kill the grunting creatures below Josh's farm.
Kill the sneaking ogres in the woods.
Find out what is wrong with the western farm.
No deliveries arriving from the eastern temple.
The suspicious cave near the farm.
Did the rangers devastate the farm?
Search for survivors in the temple of Trelis.
Help the shaman Kamak leave the temple.
Sneaky goblin raid on Derec's farm.
Kill the thieving goblins near Derec's farm.
Ben the servant needs his shovel.
Hothead Ben needs to be taught a lesson.
Cole the farmhand wants to go to Nemora.
The orc warrior Pranck needs healing potions.
Take Avogadro the alchemist to Trelis.
Find the runaway alchemist Avogadro.
The orc warrior Pranck wants twenty healing potions.
Milok is looking for his old sword.
The paladin Konrad wants his magic back.
Clean out the undead caves.
Tell the leader of Nemora about the rebels' situation at the temple of Trelis.
Destroy the orcs in and around the temple of Trelis.
Conquer the castle of Trelis!
Ransack the castle of Trelis.
Ransack the farms!
Kamak's artifact.
Find the lost paladin Thordir.
Eliminate the five leaders of the orc siege inside the barrier.
Take the paladin Georg to Cobryn, the commander-in-chief of the paladins.
Destroy Vengard, the capital of the humans.
Help the paladin Thordir to get to the castle!
Take Markus's fire chalice to the head of the Fire Mages.
Bring Abe bread for the castle.
Bring Abe roast meat for the castle.
Bring hammers to Vandorn for the castle.
Bring saws to Vandorn for the castle.
Bring pickaxes to Vandorn for the castle.
Bring Keldron weapons for the castle.
Destroy the orcs' ring of siege outside of the barrier.


Fire Clan
Orc camp wiped out!!!
Orc camp wiped out!!!
Orc camp wiped out!!!
Orc camp wiped out!!!
Orc camp wiped out!!!
An ancestor stone for Rathgar.
Ejnar's tomb.
Accompany Rathgar to the cave tombs
Raw materials for Kalan.
Killing orcs!
Hunting orcs with Kaelin.
Ten sabertooth teeth for Leif.
Hunting with Leif.
Armor for Thorald.
Akascha's ancestor stone.
Ejnar's helmet.
Duel with Sivert.
A teleporter stone for Lee.
Find the orc shamans.
Kill the orc shamans!
The power of the ancestors.
Liberate Nordmar!
Snorre's tomb.
Baldar's tomb.
Angir's tomb.
Berek's tomb.
Hammer Clan
Free the furnace.
Kill the boss of the valley
Find a troop to attack the mine
Approval from the ore smelters
A shadowbeast horn for Pedar.
Stejnar's armor.
Ingvar wants a sword
Kill the minecrawler in the prospectors' camp
Go to the prospectors' camp with Hauke
Ketil braucht 12 Bisonfelle
Follow Mort to the Wolf Clan
Follow Mort to the Fire Clan
Follow Mort to the lower mine entrance
Hauke needs ore
Hjalte is thirsty
Hjalte is hungry
Tjalf's chest.
Hidden ore
Bridge orcs.
Making booze with Ugolf
Ore for Ugolf
Supplies for Pedar.
Find Akascha's tomb!
Mana potions for Pyran.
Bring Aidan the secret of the druids.
Mana plants for the monastery.
Made it to Nordmar!
The fat bastard is dead!
Wolf Clan
Follow Graypelt to Xardas's tower.
Goblin Attack!
The druid stone of the wolf
Looking for ore with Larson.
Free the bridge in the north.
Go to the southern bridge with Hogar.
Hunt the white shadowbeast!
Take Ronar to his hunting cabin.
Pelts for Jensgar.
Eliminate the orcs' war party!
Jorn needs exploding arrows.
Garik needs booze.
Ham for the woodcutters.
Duel with Hogar.
Kill the sabertooths outside the woodcutters' camp!
Kill the White Ripper!
Meat for Graypelt.
Bag the deers on the plateau!
Take the ice wolf skins to the Wolf Clan.


Faring 70% reputation
Faring 80% reputation
Geldern 70% reputation
Geldern 80% reputation
Montera 70% reputation
Montera 80% reputation
Nemora 70% reputation
Nemora 80% reputation
Okara 70% reputation
Okara 80% reputation
Reddock 70% reputation
Reddock 80% reputation
Silden 70% reputation
Silden 80% reputation
Trelis 70% reputation
Trelis 80% reputation
Vengard 70% reputation
Vengard 80% reputation


Hashishi 70
Hashishi 80
Mid 70% reputation
Mid 80% reputation
Nom 70% reputation
Nom 80% reputation
Nrd 70% reputation
Nrd 80% reputation
Orc 70% reputation
Orc 80% reputation
Reb 70% reputation
Reb 80% reputation
Cape Dun 70% reputation
Cape Dun 80% reputation
Fight in the arena.
Kill the TestBoss.


Defeat Irhabar in the arena.
Defeat Achmed in the arena.
Defeat Mufassa in the arena.
The fight for the title.
A lesson in hospitality.
Nomads and raiders.
Bring Amul the merchants' tribute.
The ruins of Bakaresh.
The temple of Bakaresh.
The old bag.
Weapons shipment from Ben Sala.
Find Sinikar!
Report from the south.
Report from the north.
The crawlers' nest.
Nomad raiders.
Convince the merchants.
Words are not enough...
Three caskets.
Just a favor...
So much for Aldo!
Liberate Bakaresh!
Ben Erai
The tunnel of Lago.
Ten gold nuggets.
Slaves for Lago.
Crawler hunt
The way to gold.
Lukar had better get out!
The gold of Ben Erai.
A job for Sancho...
Talk to Vasco.
Bounty hunting: Hurit.
Bounty hunting: Yespas.
Bounty hunting: Ben Erai.
Ten cactus flowers.
Swampweed for Vasco.
...and booze!
Dirty doings.
Liberate Ben Erai!
An unexpected message for Sigmor in Bakaresh.
Ben Sala
The Cursed One!
The way to the temple.
A banquet for the vultures.
The ruins.
The tunnels.
Saving Ben Sala.
Six crates of steel.
Looted goods.
Escort Miguel safely to the village.
The deal with Basir.
Liberate Ben Sala!
Bounty hunting: Malir.
Dark snapper leather.
The ruin fields of Braga.
Escort Riordian!
Follow Tufail!
Bounty hunting: Braga.
The liberation of Braga!
The chalice of the water vendors.
Bernado's tribute.
Secret dealings.
Luca's tribute.
Bounty hunting: Taklar.
Bounty hunting: Asaru.
Tribute from Braga.
The return of Abbas.
Jose's tribute.
Preparations for the liberation of Braga.
Bring ten magic ore blanks to Sven the smith.
Access to Ishtar
Ore thieves
The test of the Hashishin.
The skins of the rotten beasts.
Jackal attack!
More jackals!
Three pack leaders
The wells outside the city.
Arena fight
Arena fight!
Arena fight!
The tribute of the temple.
Training materials
Customs in Varant.
The valuable bowl.
The instigator of the ore theft.
The fight with Surus.
Arm the slaves!
Potions for the slaves!
Liberate Ishtar!
Master of combat.
Notify the nomads at Al Shedim.
The liberation of Al Shedim.
Find the 10 urns of the guardians of the dead!
Find the 5 tankards of the healers!
Find the 7 stone tablets of the priests!
Find the 7 figures of the warriors!
Find the 3 scrolls of the scholars!
Explore the ruin fields of Al Shedim!
Find the five keys for the temple of Mora Sul.
Find the five keys for the temple of Al Shedim.
Find the first temple key of Al Shedim.
Find the second temple key of Al Shedim.
Find the third temple key of Al Shedim.
Find the fourth temple key of Al Shedim.
Find the fifth temple key of Al Shedim.
Sibur's fuzzy dreams.
Fight against Mamuk.
Fight against Grubuz.
Bounty hunting: Shakyor, the desert lion.
Bloody bloodflies.
Escort Vatras safely to Hurit.
The stone of the lion.
Find out who the prisoner is!
Lurker trophies.
Liberate Lago!
Mora Sul
Eliminate the orcs at the temple of Mora Sul.
Kill all Water Mages.
Kill Saturas, the head of the Water Mages.
Kill the Water Mage Vatras.
Kill the Water Mage Myxir.
Kill the Water Mage Riordian.
Kill the Water Mage Merdarion.
Kill the Water Mage Nefarius.
Kill the Water Mage Cronos.
Gold for Gonzales.
A woman for Gonzales.
Promissory notes for Gonzales.
A sword for Gonzales.
Presents for Gonzales.
Defeat the fat guy.
The soul chalices.
Follow Merdarion.
Eliminate the commanders of the undead in the fields of ruins.
Follow Merdarion.
Follow Merdarion.
Follow Merdarion.
Injured sandcrawler.
Follow Cruz to his old campsite.
Follow Kayor to the meeting point outside Mora Sul.
Discreet business.
Ramirez, the missing Hashishi.
Kaffu's guards.
Hector's gold.
Orknarok the temple slave.
Debt and debility.
The moonblade.
Artifact trade.
Eight endurance potions for the slaves.
Get rid of the fearless desert racers.
Kaffu wants his gold back.
Yussuf disappears.
The way to Merdarion.
The man who killed Ramirez.
Follow Mezir!
Escort Mezir safely to Murat's oasis.
A tasty present.
Liberate Mora Sul!
Punish the slave Yussuf!
Kalesch wants the temple keys of Mora Sul.
Kirk and the desert raiders.
Defeat Anktos in the arena.
Defeat the Paladin in the arena.
Defeat Oelk in the arena.
Defeat Angar in the arena.
Open the temple of Mora Sul.
Open the temple of Al Shedim.
Ilja wants an artifact from the temple.
Find the first temple key of Mora Sul.
Find the second temple key of Mora Sul.
Find the third temple key of Mora Sul.
Find the fourth temple key of Mora Sul.
Find the fifth temple key of Mora Sul.
Made it to Varant!
Take Nefarius to the tomb of Haran Ho.
Secure the tomb!


Master theft!
Arena fight!
Ancient knowledge discovered!
Hunting trophies!
New potion brewed!
New weapon forged!
Treasure chest plundered!
Diego is in Braga
Diego is in Mora Sul
Made it to Mora Sul!
Lester in Al Shedim.
Snapper hunt

Author: aldee. Here you can view the original walkthrough.
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