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Review @ actiontrip.com

Boy, the RPG scene sure has changed since the first Gothic game. There was something captivating about that game and I could never understand why I felt compelled to spend so much time with it. Gothic 2 still remains one of the best games I've ever played. I've spent days and nights exploring its locations, meeting NPCs, until I've completed every single quest. Of course, we must remember that at the time games like Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind were already on the market and open-world RPGs that emphasizes exploration were all the rage. In that regard, Gothic and Morrowind were the best in the business. Each game featured an immersive world, solid quest structure and a well-written storyline.

Review @ game-over.com

I am likely not the best person to be reviewing Arcania: Gothic 4. For one, though I like RPGs a great deal, I tend to fixate on one in particular for a very long time and play it to exhaustion, and so miss many fine entries into the RPG market that would serve as a basis of comparison. So, while I played Oblivion (and the expansion Shivering Isle) for maybe 150 hours, and Fallout 3 and its expansions for well over 200 hours, I missed Dragon Age completely. And though I explored every corner of Mass Effect, I never touched the sequel. Secondly, unless some unusual quirk on the part of the game developers led them to name this Gothic 4 without any prequels, there likely have been three other entries in the Gothic series, but they ring no bells with me.

Review @ gamershell.com

Equally reviled for their game-crashing bugs and glitchy code, and revered for their true, open-world design, the Gothic series of games has legions of both fans and detractors. Spellbound's Arcania: Gothic 4 successfully manages to address many of the issues under the hood, but it's sure to disappoint gamers drawn to the huge, surprising worlds the titles have been known for.
Right off the bat it's easy to see Arcania looks beautiful, with outstanding art design and environments that are bursting with life, detail, color, and vivid effect.

Review @ computergames.ro

The first two Gothic games are turning in their shelved grave and the series fans are probably now regular customers of assassins, voodoo witches and all knowing gypsies to rid the world of those who made Gothic 4. Pardon me, ArcaniA: Gothic 4, even though I wont understand too soon whats with the A in the end or why JoWood dropped the ArcaniA: A Gothic Tale name. Because not even putting Gothic 4 in the title managed to pull the game out of the abyss where it ended up trying to gain weight on the mainstream market (because the other games in the series didnt quite catch the eye of the gamers on the other side of the Atlantic).

Review @ eurogamer.net

In the time-honoured RPG tradition, I've been collecting swords.
Not to use, necessarily Arcania's endless kill-and-loot cycle so rarely throws up compelling gear, it's almost a joke but to sell. Gold is required to buy crafting blueprints from the smithy, so I can tinker up some interesting magical weapons of my own. These blueprints are astronomically expensive, but I've been collecting for some hours now. Let's see what the shopkeeper thinks of my wares.

Review @ cheatcc.com

It's a misleading title. Arcania: Gothic 4 should be entitled, Arcania: Gothic: A New Beginning. Sure I know "A New Beginning" is trite, but this is not a true continuation of the series; it's a tangent. The storyline progresses, building on the foundation laid by the past three games, but the gameplay has been altered to accommodate a more mainstream audience. It's a good news/bad news scenario, and it all depends on what side of the RPG fence you drool.
The good news is Gothic 4 is accessible to all gamers. The bad news is Gothic 4 is accessible to all gamers.

Review @ gamesradar.com

Theres a brilliant lack of romance and sentimentality to the opening scene of ArcaniA. Youre a farmer who doesnt so much dream of marrying his girlfriend as assume shell say yes once youve done a few quests for her dad. Shes hiding the fact that shes already pregnant while you lie about completing quests, and as youre schooled in the games combat system you get a flavor for the European no-nonsense humor that underpins an otherwise deadpan, dreadfully earnest take on the fantasy genre.


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