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Frequently asked Questions

Question Answer
Who develops Gothic 4 and what were its prior projects? Gothic 4 is being developed by the German studio Spellbound Entertainment. Spellbound's former game titles include Airline Tycoon, Robin Hood, Desperados and Helldorado.
Is the former game structure going to be preserved? Gothic 4 continues to have a European setting with archetypal characters. It's going to remain a wide, freely accessible world with high quality music background and voice recording as well as video features reminiscent of former Gothic games.
What is going to be different? Combat and the skill system will see changes.
How about chapters? Yes, the story is going to be structured in chapters.
And the user interface? The interface will see major changes to make it easy to use for everyone. However, friends of former GUIs may be offered another version they are more familiar with.
Which engine is going to get used? Will Spellbound develop its own graphics engine? Spellbound uses Trinigy's Vision engine. This engine has been used by Spellbound for its last projects and will get adjustments for Gothic 4. Spellbound is not focused on developing entire engines on its own but rather to use the tools at their disposal to bring about the visions of their creations.
Will Gothic 4 be developed for several platforms? Initially, it will be developed for the PC. It is planned to make it available for consoles later on.

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