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Our camp is looking for a name

Lately the names that we have chosen for Arcania caused quite a stir and it was repeatedly pointed out that this one or that one did were not fitting for the Gothic universe. Now it is up to you to come up with a name that is worthy of being used in the Gothic universe. We are looking to name the following site:

Imagine a camp that is located in the middle of a swamp. A handful of people live there despite the wetness, the fog, and the bloodflies. They hunt game, collect herbs and fruit in order to be able to trade with a powerful faction in the swamp. They grow swampweed for their own amusement and consume quite a bit of it. What else could one do when spare time is at hand in this forbidding area, with its subtropical climate? (The concept art below is meant to give you an impression of what their huts will look like.)

We are looking for a name for this camp (no Swampcamp is not enough!). Each contestant can submit one suggestion. So take your time with your suggestion as you have until 23:59 on the 20.02.09. There will be no jury this time as we want all of you to vote on which name would be the most fitting for this camp. We will discuss how the voting will be done with the men and women at WoG. As we need to see how many suggestions there will be.

Of course this camp will named as the winner of the voting suggested it and of course the winner will be included in the credits of the game as well. Okay so get to the swamp and the camp. We are looking forward to the discussions about names that are supposed to be Gothic-like.

(JoWooD, WoG, and Spellbound reserve the right to refuse a name should not be fitting for the game at all)

And here are the links for you:
Thread for your Suggestion
Discussion Thread

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