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Interview with Kamaal Anwar @ GameSpot.com

GameSpot: Give us an update on the game's development. What aspects is the team currently working on?
Kamaal Anwar: We're getting close to finalizing the game, actually. We've kept things a bit open to allow us to revise things over this last period if necessary. Most of that is lurking around forums and paying careful attention to the discussions in response to what's being featured by press. In addition, there is a large focus on quality assurance (QA) right now. Every remaining issue is being identified and addressed to ensure that this game runs as intended on all platforms.

Interview with Kamaal Anwar @ HookedGamers.com

Gothic 4 is the first title in the Gothic series not being developed by Piranha Bytes, and as such, represents a rebirth of sorts for the franchise. Producer Kamaal Anwar was kind enough to answer our questions on how Gothic has evolved from its third installment to Gothic 4.

ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale Producer Q&A

This Q&A was released by JoWooD and is answered by Philippe Louvet, producer at Spellbound on ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale. Philippe has previously been working on Neverwinter Nights, Dungeons and Dragons, Alone in the Dark, Unreal Tournament....

Interview with Dietrich Limper @ Gry.o2.pl

Andrzej "Klecha" Klimczuk (Gry.o2.pl): Please start off by introducing yourself and giving us a brief overview of Gothic 4: Arcania.
Dietrich Limper (Spellbound): Hi there. My name's Dietrich Limper, aka EDL in the Community, and I am with Spellbound since September 07. I am one of the Creative Writers on the team which means I work on dialogue, descriptions and stuff like that. Since April 08 I also took the role as the Community Manager for Spellbound to keep in touch with the communities around the world and answer questions and give a general overview on what we are working right now.

Interview with Dietrich Limper @ Gothic 4.com.pl

Gothic4.com.pl : Hi EDL, send you a few, can no more than a few questions about the Gothic 4 but not only about a quarter of Gothic. I always asked only about Arcanie and Spellbound, moreover, unless everyone just to ask. This time we ask not only about Gothic'a 4, but also ask about your private life, but in miarach sense.

EDL : Hi, invite you to read, have a lot of fun ;)

Interview with Dietrich Limper @ Gothicz.net

Dietrich Limper, the Community Manager of Spellbound, also known as EDL, answered question by our community.

1. Why did you decide for official name Gothic 4: Arcania? Is it from the word arcane = mysterious, or perhaps is it a reminder of your previous RPG Realms of ARKANIA? What does it actually mean?
Well, it is a coincidence that "Arcania" reminds you of the fine old games "Realms of Arkania". The reason is more like you said yourself. Something very arcane is going on and magic has a lot to do with the story that will happen in the new game.

Interview with Jochen Hamma @ Gothicz.net

My name is Jochen Hamma, I'm the Producer of Gothic 4 - Genesis at Spellbound. My career in the games industry started 18 years ago, after 5 years in the car manufacturer supplier's industry. Since 1989 I'm mostly working on RPG-Games (approximately 10-15 of them). I started in Quality Assurance, moving over to storyboarding, design, some programming and finally project management and producing. Today my biggest personal interests are Game and Interface Design - within projects, mostly I'm hired to oversee production and project management. My personal entry to the RPG and Fantasy genre were Pen & Paper Games (started to play in 1984) and Tolkien's Fantasy Novels.

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