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First Impressions @ GameSpot.com

Perhaps even more sadly, the previous game in the series, Gothic 3, was released with noticeable technical issues, despite the fact that the game also took on an ambitious graphical overhaul. Now, the series is back with a new developer, Spellbound, and a new chapter: Arcania: Gothic 4 Arcania will have a new nameless hero, a new story, and a new home--whereas the previous games were for the PC only, Arcania will also appear on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Preview @ IGN.com

For this particular demo I got to see and briefly play the game on Xbox 360, and though the game is still in development, it's looking good. The interface for the controller took a little getting used to, but looks like it could be manageable. The one thing that sometimes hurts games like this bugs and performance problems could still be an issue, but that's not something anyone will know until the game's ready to go on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms.

First look @ gamesradar.com

If its somehow passed you by, the Gothic series consists of what used to be known as real ale RPGs, where orcs and goblins stroll a mystical fiddle-de-de land, and dungeons full of unspeakable beasts await smiting from a suitably hirsute hero. All beards and bluster, Gothic was littered with monsters, swords, sorcery, leather, barrels, magic and everything else that makes the genre so derided.

Preview @ HookedGamers.com

Unfortunately, Spellbound and JoWood have revealed very little about the game since its 2008 name change. Information on the game has been so scarce that the Gothic community wrote an open letter to JoWood in September 2009 expressing their concern about outdated screenshots, low quality videos, and general lack of information. Since that letter, more Arcania screenshots have trickled out from Spellbound and JoWood, but information remains scarce - not something to boost confidence.

WoG extract of the PCGames Arcania preview

The german website PCGames published an elaborate preview on Arcania. The preview was first published in PC Games 08|09 print magazine (20.06.2009). Certain parts from the preview were translated and included in an extract here on WoG.

E3 2009: Arcania: A Gothic Tale Impressions @ GamingNexus

The Gothic series of RPGs is a bit like soccer and the Top Gear as they are huge in Europe but dont have a huge following here in the US. To correct this problem JoWood is tweaking the gameplay a bit to appeal to an American audience. The trick to do this is to add the necessary North American flair without straying too far from the roots of the game (its Gothicness) This is where Arcania: A Gothic Tale comes in

E3 2009: Arcania Impressions @ IGN

If you're not familiar with the Gothic series of epic action-RPGs, then the fact that Arcania is basically the fourth in the series and being handled by a different developer probably doesn't mean much to you. Set in a giant open world, Arcania puts you in the role of a new protagonist. The Nameless Hero from previous games is actually now the villain, a ruler of the land drunk with power, who burns down your hometown at the beginning of the game.

Arcania: A Gothic Tale Hands-On @ GameSpot.com

Earlier today, during a meeting with JoWood, we had an opportunity to spend some time with a work-in-progress version of Arcania: A Gothic Tale on the PC. The fourth game in the Gothic franchise, Arcania is purportedly being designed specifically to appeal to role-playing game fans in North America where, historically, gothic games have never been very successful.

E3 2009 Preview @ GameZone

Those familiar with the Gothic series knows the game is a hardcore title that appeals to role-playing gamers. It features many of the elements that are familiar to RPGers, but often presents a robust adventure that features well-written story arcs.

E3 2009: Arcania: A Gothic Tale Preview @ gamingexcellence.com

Ya know, I really have to wonder about the mental state of people who are big fans of the Gothic series? Not that its a bad series, not by any stretch, but the mental fortitude thats required to play through one of these games to completion is staggering. Only having clocked around seven hours of gameplay between the second and third game the sheer beating you receive from even the first enemies can be a life altering experience. These are truly games for the hardcore gamer and if you dont have the stones for it then too bad for you.

E3 Impression ArcaniA: A Gothic Tale @ RPGamer

As mentioned in some recent podcasts, my PC gaming time and scope has increased since I met my husband, a dedicated PC player who sneers (politely) at most console titles. He introduced me to a series called Gothic some years ago and he raved about the quality of the first two while mourning the lack thereof in the third title. He'll undoubtedly be incredibly happy to hear about how my experiences with ArcaniA: A Gothic Tale were top notch.

Arcania A Gothic Tale First-Look Preview @ 1UP.com

What's new for Games Convention? Well, the name, for one. Previously, this was Gothic 4, but now the title is Arcania: A Gothic Tale. It's hard to say why developer JoWood decided to make this switch, because they aren't yet revealing many details about the game, storyline or otherwise, beyond some vague hints that the nameless main character may not be the same nameless main character from the previous Gothic titles. Instead, I watched a series of tech demos that showed off the game's engine and detailed environments without telling much about Arcania itself.

GC 2008: Arcania: A Gothic Tale Progress Report @ IGN.com

Arcania: A Gothic Tale, also known as Gothic IV, is the subject of some controversy, as it's being developed by Spellbound instead of Piranha Bytes, the latter of which handled the rest of the franchise. We haven't gotten a chance to play the game yet, but from the bits we've seen, it's apparent the new developer is intent on delivering a realistic style of graphics, meaning an emphasis on dark greens, browns, and greys. That being said, the game's not entirely dark.

Arcania: A Gothic Tale First Look @ Gamespot.com

The Gothic franchise has forever been defined by free-roaming open-world gameplay, sweeping story and settings, and bugs. Lots of bugs. Publisher DreamCatcher freely admits that Gothic 3 was a great game in theory but an unplayable mess in execution. So former developer Piranha Bytes is gone, replaced by Spellbound Entertainment in the hope that fans of the epic role-playing game genre will eventually see Gothic in the same bright light as Oblivion. Spellbound's next project is Arcania: A Gothic Tale.

Arcania: A Gothic Tale (Gothic IV) First Look @ IGN.com

It's been a while since the North American release of Gothic 3, and you still see threads pop up on message boards asking if it's playable yet. The fact that it was released in a messy state is no secret, yet there's still a strong community involved with the game, so much so that some have taken to patching it themselves. Gothic 3, like its predecessors, had some great ideas built in and offered a vast and beautiful world to explore. The third game also happened to have rampant stability problems and a flawed combat system, which certainly didn't help the franchise

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