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Filename Preview
3ds Imp/Exporter for Milkshape3D 3ds importer and exporter for Milkshape3D. The te...
3ds Importer and Exporter for 3DS Max Importer and exporter for 3DS Max of Gothic meshes...
Animation examples Contains the animation of a scavanger and a woman ...
ASCII importer and exporter for 3ds Max For importing and exporting .asc file formats. The...
Daedalus Highlighting-Syntax Highlighting Daedalus syntax(Gothic scripting lang...
EnglishCleanedScripts.rar These are the english cleaned up scripts. They are...
G1 ASC Armor Gothic armors in .asc format...
G2 ASC Armor Gothic armors in .asc format...
G2 Mob Catalog A Mob Catalog - useful for inserting MOBs in the s...
Goman Goman is tool written to convert textures in a dif...
Gothic 3DS Importer for GMax For importing .3ds files The texture names are no...
Gothic File Editor 0.3 A file editor that supports most of the Gothic for...
Gothic II - MDK (with raw data) This is the Gothic II Development Kit 2.6(german v...
Gothic II - MDK (without raw data) This small version of the german MDK doesn\'t...
Gothic II - MDK: Patch v2.6a The patch changes : 1. XHTML error in the L...
GothicStarter 2.6a New version of the GothicStarter 2.6a...
MATLIB Material library for Gothic1 Spacer...
npcdiatut2_eng_subs Description: This video-tutorial shows the basics...
Output-Commander The tool lists the outputs from the files OU.BIN o...
PFX-Database This is the current version of the PFX-Database. ...
spacereinfuehrung_eng_subs Description: This video-tutorial shows some basic...
SpacerStarter 1.2 The tool starts Spacer withhout the annoying main ...
VOB-Bilder Collection The VOB Bilder(VOB Database) contains all the VOB&...

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