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Upload Date 01.06.2006 at 20:30
Uploader rockfest
Author TheWonderer
Size 576.2 MB
Traffic 875.5 GB (1556 times loaded)
A gameplay movie recorded as fast as possible with the sole purpose of gaining the minimum experience points from quests.
Total time of gameplay : 2h : 30m.

Finishing stats :
Level 6
13300 Exp
MinXP_Kap1a.zip (1984 Hits)
MinXP_Kap1b.zip (1696 Hits)
MinXP_Kap2a.zip (1425 Hits)
MinXP_Kap2b.zip (1420 Hits)
MinXP_Kap2c.zip (1393 Hits)
MinXP_Kap3a.zip (1352 Hits)
MinXP_Kap3b.zip (1299 Hits)
MinXP_Kap4a.zip (1357 Hits)
MinXP_Kap4b.zip (1311 Hits)
MinXP_Kap5.zip (1322 Hits)
MinXP_Kap6a.zip (1208 Hits)
MinXP_Kap6b.zip (1320 Hits)

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