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Content Mod Forsaken Gods 1.0
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Upload Date 30.04.2011 at 22:11
Uploader Don-Esteban
Author Mordrak, Joey1990
Size 473.9 MB
Traffic 1.7 TB (3658 times loaded)
The main focus of the Content Mod for Forsaken gods is to create a more varied game world.
So rather less objects are inserted, but instead even more NPCs revised. The CMGD comes again so of course with an installer. Additional installations are also included.



General Changes:

+ A "Content Mod" lettering in the loadscreen was inserted.
+ The Start-Chest at the beginning of the game has been renamed.
+ The icons in the HUD were partially revised.
+ Most noname NPC's have received advanced name.
+ Some NPC's with the heroes speak, but only a standard name (citizens,etc. .) have been awarded a name. (There were with the EE still NPC's found)
+ Dealers was awarded a more fitting title.
+ Firewaran and Waran have different textures. (it was previously only a texture for both)
+ The Bonustalente of all Armors were redistributed. (Heat and cold is no longer needed)
+ Some new loadpictures
+ New Zombie-Typ inserted. In the course of the game
+ Gorn contributes a other armor.
+ Knights in Vengard inserted
+ Militia and knights in Ardea inserted
+ A Nordmar-Smith inserted in Gotha.
+ A "Administrator of the equipment" shall be inserted in Vengard.
+ A host in Faring is inserted.
+ Gorns bodyguard is inserted.
+ The Orc-Shamane at Trelis no longer sold Druidenrobe, but Mercenary amors.
+ Egidius at Vengard now sells Alchemy ingredients instead of the armor.
+ The Druid Ardian now sells a Druidenrobe.
+ Many Dealers have been optically better to the goods they sell, adapted.
+ Some Dealer inventories changed.
+ Egidius no longer sold Paladin armors.
+ Immanuel now sold Paladin armors
+ The Teleport for Vengard can now be found earlier.
+ Somas "magic ore" has been renamed in "magic oreclump"
+ The Quest Soma needs magic ore" also has been renamed.
+ A note for the whereabouts of the Troglodytes of Egidius was added in the diary.
+ The recipe for stew has changed. It is only made one stew.


+ The Dragonbane Shield now requires more strength and no longer has the same values as the Paladin shield.
+ The values of the Paladin Shield were slightly changed.
+ The values adjusted some alcoholic beverages.
+ The Plated chain helmet now offers more protection.

New Items:

+ Beer
+ Buddlermeat
+ Dark mushroom
+ Magic root oil + Recipe
+ Fruit compote + Recipe
+ Berry compote + Recipe
+ Fish soup + Recipe
+ Wild ragout + Recipe
+ Mushroom ragout + Recipe
+ Raw leg of wild boar
+ Fried leg of wild boar + Recipe
+ Raw dear meet
+ Fried Hirschfleich + Recipe
+ Some Letters
+ Lees Shield

New Armors:

+ Darkform
+ Hunter Armor
+ Heavy militia armor
+ Knight armor
+ Leather armor
+ Gorns Mercenary armor
+ G2 Mercenary armor
+ Lees armor

New Helmets for NPCs:

+ Turban
+ Light Turban
+ Soldier helmet
+ Horn helmet
+ Bone helmet for the Nordmar warriors

Changed Textures:

+ Rebel armor
+ Shield textures were changed.
+ Paladinshield
+ Knight Shield
+ Lether armor
+ Firemagerobe
+ Hero Start armor
+ Noble armor
+ Guard armor
+ Orc armor
+ Face textures of the NPCs
+ Mushroom textures changed
+ Manny Monster textures
+ Created new LowPoly textures for the new Level textures.

NPC changes:

+ Errol now wears a helmet and a more suitable armor.
+ Evert in Silden now wears a helmet and a different weapon.
+ The jokers in the near of Ardea now look different.
+ The paladins, the orcs nake Ardea attack, have been revised.
+ Griswalds inventory has been changed.
+ The guards of Anog now wear a helmet.
+ Gariks recruits now look diffrent.
+ Ubels inventory has been changed.
+ Raik contributes a other armor and a helmet.
+ Gabriel now wears a helmet.
+ The rangers near Silden were awarded different weapons.
+ Two Spellcaster near Silden were replaced by hunters.
+ Some NPC's in Gotha now wear a G2 Merenary armor.
+ Some NPC's in Faring have received new clothes.
+ The prisoner Galin bears no more weapons.
+ Blackmages now wear Drak form.
+ Some noname NPC women have been revised. (Clothes, hair)
+ Anton mrs has been revised.
+ Hubertus contributes a new set of clothes.
+ Hubertu's wife has been revised.
+ Galins woman carries a other clothes.
+ Ignatius no longer wears a Druis robe.
+ The two women in Ardea have been revised.
+ Alicia has been revised.
+ Some mercenaries in Cape Dun now wear a more suitable armor.
+ The scouts near Cape Dun have been revised.
+ Theo no longer wears a weapon.
+ A novice in the temple of Vengard now wears a Novice robe.
+ Immanuel the magician now wears a high Firemage robe.
+ Some Nordmar-Warriors now bear helmets.
+ Some Rebel-Warriors now bear helmets.
+ Khalil is now wearing a Turban.
+ Kahlif is now wearing a Turban
+ Kazus now wears a other Bart, because the old Clippingfehler caused.
+ Khadims guards have been changed.
+ Khadim now bears no Bart more, but a Truban.
+ The mystic wanderer contributes a new set of clothes.
+ Some Smith bear a new set of clothes.
+ Boris contributes a other clothing
+ Kunz contributes a other clothes.
+ Kendel contributes a new set of clothes.

****Additional Installations****

+ G3 Paladin armor
+ Peasant Textures
+ Assassin Textures
+ New Intro
+ G2 Orcs
+ Ultra.ini
+ Light.ini
+ 3 Bars Mod
+ CSP Level-Textures
+ No Logo Videos
+ Old Monstersounds
+ No Hero Haire

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