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Upload Date 29.09.2010 at 17:46
Uploader Don-Esteban
Author Mordrak, Joey1990
Size 219.1 MB
Traffic 1.6 TB (7528 times loaded)
This modification enlarges Gothic 3 in special areas.
In the main new items and little balancing-changes were reinserted.
The aim of the mod is, to enlarge the game-experience and to make the game more like its predecessors.


****New Content****

New Armor:
+Hunter Armor
+Dragon hunter armor
+Armor of general
+High orcmervenaries armor
+A second Armor of the Nordmar armor
+A second armor of the heavy Nordmar armor
+Gladiator armor
+Crawler plate armor
+Heavy militia armor
+Pirate shirt
+Broken paladin armor
+Broken knight armor
+Hardened assassin armor
+Increased assassin armor
+Knight armor
+Thoreks morra armor

Changed armor:

+Gap leather mew model
+Orc armor new model
+Xardas robe new texture
+All Firemage armor nem texture
+Light assassin armor
+Assassin armor
+Bandit armor new texture
+Novicerobe new texture
+Noviceskirt revised
+Angar templar armor revised
+Pirate clothing new texture
+Tattered militia armor
+Easy adjustment of all armaments, so that the new armor insert into the game
+Medium Nordmar armor

New Weapon:

+Samuel sword
+Militia sword
+Sword of the Elements
+Beliar Wrath
+Warrior ax

New Shields:

+Broken paladin shield
+Broken knight shield

Changed shields:

+Knight shield new texture
+Timber shield new texture

New objects/ other

+Transformation stone in Dragon
+Tranformation stone in Demon
+Many new rules and objects for little paper quests( Elementsword, transformation stone in dragon, knight armor)

New Recipes/ Drinking trough/ Feed:

+Potion of the elements + Recipe
+Potion of the earth + Recipe
+Potion of the water + Recipe
+Potion of the fire + Recipe
+Potion of the air + Recipe
+Embarla Firgasto + Recipe
+Magic root oil + Recipe
+Fruit compote + Recipe
+Berry compote + Recipe
+Fish soup + Recipe
+Wild ragout + Recipe
+Mushroom ragout + Recipe
+Raw leg of wild boar
+Fried leg of wild boar + Recipe
+Raw dear meet
+Fried Hirschfleich + Recipe
+Floorplan for Berserkeraxe
+Floorplan for barbarian battleaxe
+Floorplan for Knight armor
+Floorplan for Thorek morra armor

New monster texture

+Wolves at KapDun
+Wolves near Montera
+Fire lizards
+Dragon (G2-Fire dragon)
+Transfomation dragon is G2-Stone dragon
+Gotha demon

New Orcs:

Gothic 2 Orcs inserted

+Warrior elite


+New women
+New magician of the Orc mercenary
+New smith clothing for the Nordmars
+Nem smith clothing for the Mytana smiths
+New zombie types
+Kan has a new Outfit

Dealer inventories:

+Hunters ( All with names like Jens, Chris etc. there are new objects like the Hunter armor )
+Assassins ( New objects like the black magician robe)
+New loot inventories:

If one download link on this page is not working please contact us. Make sure to provide the broken URL. However, it may take some time (around 15 seconds) before the download starts. So please wait for some time before reporting a broken link. Of course, you could also try one of the mirrors.

To all webmasters:
The webmaster of this page request that you only link to this page and not directly to the files. Any direct linking will be prosecuted.

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