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Dark Mysteries v1.04 (English)
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Upload Date 20.05.2009 at 00:30
Uploader Don-Esteban
Author Poziomkaz
Size 159.4 MB
Traffic 1.7 TB (11140 times loaded)
Dark Mysteries is a modification that change the adventures of the Unnamed hero, but keeps the original atmosphere of the game. Dark Mysteries are a kind of extension for Gothic 1, just like The Night of The Raven for Gothic 2. There are a few new camps in the colony, such as:
1. Fanatics camp a few people who once were members of the Swamp camp, but they escaped. Now they are trying to find a very mysterious organization and reveal a real nature of the Sleeper.
2. Guards camp its placed near the Old Mine. Guards who live there are very brutal, and their favourite activity is to bully the poor Diggers. In spite of the fact that they are guards, they dont really like Gomez and other people from the Old Camp.
3. Smugglers a small camp of unfortunate castaways placed on the beach near the Fog Tower. They were trapped in the colony against their will, their ship was crashed during the storm. If you decide to carry out a tasks for them, you will find out more about their story and you will learn blacksmithing.
4. Primevals secret organization of a powerful creatures, who are a faithful servants of Innos. They are part of a main quest in Dark Mysteries. The player will have to find their place of hiding first and then he will be able to join them. But the Unnamed hero will have a choice too. It will depend on him, which path he will follow Beliar's or Innos's.
5. Orcs hunters camp small camp placed on orcs territory. There are a few quests, waiting for a player in this place.

In Dark Mysteries youll find also:
- new worlds
- a lot of innovations: blacksmithing, cooking, helmets and so on
- possibility of fighting on the Arena
- lots of new NPCs and monsters
- better graphics
- new items such as swords, armors
- gameplay: about 30-40 hours, depends on you

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