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Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.71
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Upload Date 16.04.2009 at 11:41
Uploader Don-Esteban
Author Community Patch Team
Size 129.4 MB
Traffic 504.7 GB (3995 times loaded)
After about 4 weeks of work we present you a hotfix, which resolves some mayor and some minor issues. With this our work on Gothic 3 has now come to an end.

You can simply install the hotfix and continue using your saved games. But community patch 1.70 is needed. If you have installed modifications then save your g3 installation before you install the hotfix.

- No "red textures" anymore on graphic cards with shader 2.0a or 2.0b. (But red textures remain with shader 2.0 only cards like Radeon 9500-9800.)
- Display of ingame time will be updated directly after loading a savegame.
- The installer will not uninstall the game X3 anymore.

- Fireball has its old looks again, but doesn't illuminate the surroundings.
- New option "softer water" (only with Shader 3.0 and higher).
- Problem fixed where the sky was full of large moons.

- Rain and wind sounds will start and end with the corresponding graphic effects.

- When the hero talks to Julio after Hassan's death and before the quest "Ore thieves" was started, the dialog menu will not offer Julio's sentence "There was another fellow with him, but I couldn't make out who he was."

Ingame menus
- The protection values in the character menu will now include the effects of the perks "improve robes" or "improve armor". (Note: Without AB the perks affect the entire protection of armor, shield, helmet, rings, and amulet; with AB they only effect the actual armor.)

Inventory related topics (trading, looting, etc.)
- Temmy sells stone tablets again.
- When looting a mage or shaman by using the "Take all" key, the "amount" counter of the spells fireball and ice lance in the spellbook will not increase.
- When looting Thorald by using the "Take all" key after Thorald received his armor, Thorald\'s face will not be deformed.

- Problem solved where magic and ranged weapons didn't injure NPCs.
- Error in "rage mode" of animals corrected.

- The hero can block directly after a leftclick.
- When opening an ingame menu and using the mouse wheel without clicking somewhere before, the game will not crash to desktop anymore.

- Several Czech subtitles corrected.
- Some text errors corrected in German version.
- Some text errors corrected in Spanish version.
- Russian version of the regular manual added.
- "Manual for modders" updated in both German and English version.


Only with AI switch and/or "Alternative Balancing" turned on:

- After the hero was knocked down or killed when fighting against Xardas, Xardas and his army of darkness won't attack the undead servant.
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