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Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.5
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Upload Date 25.10.2007 at 19:57
Uploader Champ
Author Community Patch Team
Size 25.3 MB
Traffic 242.5 GB (9819 times loaded)
The Community Patch 1.5 contains all previous Community Patches up to and including CP 1.4. Some highlights of the new fixes are: audible river-and ocean sounds, display of the ingame time with graphic arts, the separate setting of the pure depth of field-effect in the option menu, the quicksaves with time stamp, new random loading screens, as well as a slight optimisation of the memory management.

You will find this and all the other fixes in our CP 1.5-Changelog.


The CommunityPatch 1.5 assumes a Gothic 3 installation with the official patch 1.12. An uninstalling of the previous CommunityPatches is not necessary - the CommunityPatch-1.5-Installer does that automatically.

However, applied Gothic 3 modifications or backups should be removed manually from the installation list, because these can lead to problems in the game.

Please, also note that some of the changes require the beginning of a new game to take effect.




Note for language versions:

Compatible language versions:
German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese (simple), Chinese (traditional)
Russian (because of the copy protection - download the community patch 1.5.1)

For the following languages there is currently not yet a reworked stringtable.ini:
Chinese (traditional)

For the following language is included no Stringtable.ini:
Chinese (simple)
We have finished now the community patch for the Russian version. I must say thank you to the Russian publisher who has helped us.

Note: this is an unofficial patch by fans for fans. Other bugs and problems might possibly appear by the use of such patches. Hence, the installation occurs, as usual, on your own responsibility!
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Gothic_3_Community_Patch_v1.5.1_Russian.exe (1578 Hits)

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