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The signature image hosting works this way:

- You want to have your own signature including a picture in our forum, but you haven't got the required webspace or your webspace is not fast or reliable enough?

- We offer to you: We save your pictures from the signature on our server to have faster and more reliable space for your graphics.

If you are interested just write an e-mail to blutfeuer@blutfeuer.com or don-esteban@worldofplayers.de with your nickname from the forum and the graphics in the attachment. Shortly after we'll upload the graphics into your individual account and we'll send a confirmation by e-mail.

Please send only GIF, JPG or PNG formated graphics. Bitmaps coming without advance notice will be deleted immediately and they won't get further attention.
If you only can create bitmaps, you should contact us by e-mail before, then we convert the graphic into a suitable format.

Please keep in mind the rules for signatures of our forum:
Only pictures up to a maximum size of 500x150 pixels and 70 kb filesize are allowed.

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